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bt-sculpt Facial Tool

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This professional-grade tool allows you to replicate our Non-Invasive Face Lift salon treatment, with the bt-sculpt microcurrent facial device.

Add the Enzymatic Cleanser to your routine to prep and smooth the skin pre-treatment, and the Cleanse & Recovery Spray to maintain conductivity and glide for optimal lifting and toning.

The bt-sculpt is currently not available in the USA or Canada. Contact us for updates:

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No animal testing

True Microcurrent Technology

The bt-sculpt delivers a specific therapeutic current band known as True Microcurrent via its patented Suzuki Sequencing. The amount of current applied to the skin is vital; too much can lead to overexertion, drooping and laxity, and too little yields no results. True Microcurrent is computer calibrated more than a thousand times per second to maintain optimal wave shapes and optimal amounts of current, for truly transformative results.

Visible Results

Jowl, neck and cheek lift after 12 uses


“I use the Enzymatic Cleanser to prep my skin, then follow with the Hydrating Peptide Serum - both products leave my skin feeling hydrated. I have mainly used the LIFT setting on my neck and jowl area. After 12 uses my skin definitely looks smoother, but it wasn't until I took the comparison photo that I realised how much everything had improved - especially the sagging under my chin. I love this tool!”

– Karen

Lift your complexion 12 seconds at a time.

The bt-sculpt is the result of 50 years of innovation by microcurrent pioneers Bio-Therapeutic. The brand's first professional-grade device to be released for home use, it features a self-tensioning four-probe system that delivers four times the energy benefit to the skin than other two-pronged devices. This facial toning device is pain-free and easy to use through 12-second intervals across the jawline, cheeks, eyes and forehead.


Visible Results

Lower jaw lift and definition after 1 treatment


How To Use It

The bt-sculpt is ideal for use after your Boost LED Face Mask, with the skin thoroughly cleansed and primed with the Enzymatic Cleanser & Mask

Select ‘Lift’ to firm and tone

Choose your desired power level by pressing down the lift button, from 1 - 5 (1 for more sensitive skin, we use 5 in salon)

Apply a layer of Hydrating Peptide Serum

Lightly spritz the 4 prongs of the bt-sculpt with our Cleanse & Recovery Spray to maintain conductivity and glide

Hold the tool in place for 12 seconds on each area you want to treat

Ensure skin contact is maintained by all four probes, as indicated by the purple lights at the top of the unit 

Start with the jaw and work your way up to the cheek, outer lip, upper lip, eyebrow and forehead on one side of the face

Repeat this process on the other side

Select ’Skin’ to optimise your routine, repeat the power level setting

Pat Hydrating Peptide Serum into skin, all over the face and neck and glide the bt-sculpt over your skin and neck

For best results, treat your skin three times a week.