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Boost FAQS

Boost LED Explained

A range of Portable and Professional LED devices and skincare, for use both at-home and in-salons and clinics.

Our Boost Devices are made to medical device directives and deliver the same clinically-proven wavelengths as our prestigious professional salon machines – a real USP.

Delivering optimised intensities of clinically-proven Red 633nm and Near-Infrared 830nm wavelengths, the combination of these two wavelengths are the ONLY ones clinically-proven to make a difference to skin hydration, firmness and wrinkles.

Comfortable, light-weight and work with any face shape thanks to the flexible (medical-silicon) material.

Straps are user-friendly and made of the best quality to ensure fit and comfort for any face shape, and are secure enough so the mask can be worn whilst doing other things.

Hands-free and portable - no tethering to a wall.

Lays out entirely flat and travels easily in the protective bag provided.

Global adaptors are provided so you can still get your skin Boost whilst travelling.

Educational collateral is included with each device, plus additional reassurance from a team of professional skin experts on hand, in-salon, online and remotely.

The Boost LED Mask uses two proven wavelengths of light; 633nm red light and 830nm near-infrared light.

These wavelengths have been shown in clinical studies to stimulate collagen and elastin production cells and to improve blood flow and tissue oxygenation through a process called photobiomodulation.

These effects help skin cells absorb topical skincare products more effectively and helps rebuild the damage caused by the ageing process.

LED light is delivered into the skin and used to re-charge the cells ‘energy’ battery.

The skin is then able to use the energy as a fuel to repair and rejuvenate damaged cells - the healing process is most visible when you cut your finger and the skin heals itself.

However skin naturally repairs itself on a daily basis and we use LED to enhance and boost that repair.

Your cells can’t be overcharged by light - once their batteries are at full capacity, they will store the energy and use it as required.

A cell that has been charged by light is able to perform 150-200% more efficiently. 

Boost LED Facts

Our Mask contains 49 x 633nm (Red) and 49 x 830nm (Near-Infrared) LEDs.

Our Bib contains 48 x 633nm (Red) and 48 x 830nm (Near-Infrared) LEDs – cleverly engineered into a collar for treating the neck, and bib for the décolletage. With dual-straps for multi-use targeting to back of neck, shoulders and back.

They are both engineered so each socket contains the two wavelengths.

Both wavelengths are delivered at the same time, never on their own - Near-Infrared 830nm enhances the Red 633nm when combined.

The quality of the LEDs are crystal clear and are driven at optimal intensities, so the correct dose of light is delivered to make a difference to the skin.

Delivering 18 joules/cm2 in a 10 minute treatment, which equates to 30 milliwatts/cm2 of Near-Infrared 830nm and Red 633nm.

The Boost Mask and Bib use a lithium-ion battery rated at 9.62Wh / 2200mAH.

If you are travelling by air, the battery should be carried in carry-on baggage and not checked-in.

The device must be completely switched off.

For further details on travelling with lithium-ion batteries, please consult your chosen airline.

We wanted our first device to deliver the most effective at-home rejuvenation treatment possible.


We made a conscious decision to concentrate on the two most clinically proven wavelengths to promote skin health and support ageing (Red 633nm and Near-Infrared 830nm).


In smaller devices, the more wavelengths you have, the more you need to drive the LEDs in order to deliver the required dose of light.


This can result in pushing the wavelength too hard and missing the target.


Our device has been created with best quality LEDs, delivering the correct wavelengths, at optimal intensities. The perfect ingredients for an effective treatment.


We do absolutely LOVE Blue 415nm too though and offer this in-salon and hope to have a Blue 415nm device in the future.


If you want to consider a mask that includes Blue, it’s important to know that only 415nm blue targets the bacteria that causes blemishes. Anything outside of that range ie 460, 480 etc - looks brilliant blue in colour but is not suitable for its intended use.

When applying Blue 415nm to the face, unlike red and near-infrared light, eye protection is an absolute must.

Boost Face LED Mask:FDA-cleared, MEDICAL DEVICE with over-the-counter clearance

Boost Bib: FDA 510K exempt

In order for medical devices to be legally marketed and sold in the United States, they are required to be either cleared or approved by the FDA unless it is 510(k) exempt. 

FDA-Approval is required for high risk Class 3 devices, drugs and biologics. 

No LED device is “approved”, they are only FDA-Cleared.

LED technology is Class 2, which is lower risk, and its route to market is via either a 510k or de novo submission for FDA-Clearance. 

FDA approval requires the review of much more safety data, due to its greater risk. 

Our Boost LED Mask is FDA-Cleared via a 510(k).

Our Boost LED Bib is 510(k) Exempt.

We pride ourselves on not only acquiring the correct regulations for our products, but also accurately marketing them to our consumer.

Cheaper LEDs are often very broad in terms of their output, so they may have a specification of 100nm ie. between 600-700nm. This means the light emitted is not very pure and is a mixture of wavelengths. So, whilst you may achieve some light absorption into the skin, you won’t achieve optimal absorption.

Additionally, if the wavelength is not powered into the skin at an optimal intensity, the wavelength won’t reach its target within the skin.

If you think of intensity like a tap being turned on to fill a sink. Turn on sufficiently and let the water gently and efficiently fill the sink OR turn on the tap a trickle and it takes ages to fill the sink OR turn on too much and water splashes everywhere. It’s the same with LED technology – there is a correct intensity to deliver the right amount of light into the skin. If you deliver too much too quickly you can generate heat in the tissue and also the cells do not have time to process the photons (light energy). Deliver too little and you won’t have an effect.

Good quality LEDs have an output specification of +/- 5 or +/- 10 (max), meaning the output of an 830nm device will deliver wavelengths between 825-835nm or 820/840nm. We work with the industry leading and clinically proven wavelengths at the optimal absorption peak.

No, we are not scientists or engineers, but through endless research and years of experience we were able to identify and partner with the pioneers in LED light therapy.

Having delivered almost 30,000 in-salon LED treatments to date, we are informed, obsessed, and an authority on LED.

Working side by side with the creators, trialling multiple prototypes, testing and modifying elements and making sure every detail matched our discerning vision, our Boost range was born.

Our salon experience is mirrored in the Boost range, thanks to the clinically-proven wavelengths, expertise, convenient ease-of-use, quality, understanding client-care.

A transaction with The Light Salon doesn’t end, we are a constant source of support, information and guidance. 

LED is at our heart, it’s what we know inside out, and so are nurturing good relationships. 

Our team of LED experts offer on-going skin support and education, bespoke to each individual through emails, social media, telephone or Skype consultation – we treat every customer with the same level of care as our in-salon clients.

The Light Salon aim is to create an LED community, offering easy guidance to ensure everyone gets the best out of their purchase or treatment.

Boost LED Benefits

We have seen many successful skin stories when treating rosacea and redness with the Boost LED, especially when used in combination with our Cleanse & Recovery Spray.

We would recommend completing the patch test prior to use, as requested in the user guide. Then start with 3x weekly treatments, until the skin becomes calmer and stronger. At that point you can increase to daily use.

In a recent clinical study, we found 3x per week offered significant results but daily use was too much. Once the skin becomes calmer and stronger, usage can increase to 5-7x per week.

Short term After 10 minutes under the mask your skin will feel plumped, hydrated and instantly refreshed. Regular treatments are clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Long term Consistency is key with LED and the more you do the more you gain. It's the same principles as exercise/ going to the gym. One session will boost cellular activity, but multiple sessions will offer visible results.

Our minimum recommended treatment programme is 3-5 days a week for 4-6 weeks (double-dosing x2 treatments per week for a prolonged glow), following with regular maintenance treatments, throughout the week, according to your schedule.

The Boost has been designed for daily use.

Boost LED for professional & at-home use


Think of the Boost as a Portable, Professional LED Device, made to medical directives, which uses the same clinically-proven wavelengths as professional machines, but have been engineered for convenient use at-home.

Cleared for over-the-counter use, which means it’s professional quality, but safe and easy enough for non-professionals to use at home.

At-home LED devices are designed to be used more frequently, so delivering a measured dose of light over a 4-week period, generally requires more sessions from an at-home device than, say, a powerful, floor standing panel device.

However, when assessing differences, it’s not really the design of device which determines the difference – as there are great options of face masks, flexible panels and floor-standing panel devices to choose from.

As an example, our Boost LED has an over-the-counter clearance (can be sold for at-home use by non-professionals), but is also made to medical directives and is a Portable, Professional device. 

The important parameters to compare are

Wavelengths Intensity of the output, which can differ greatly between devices

Boost LED devices have been designed for frequent, or even daily, use - with meticulous engineering the Boost delivers an optimised dose of light into the skin, to achieve comparable results at-home, over a 4-week period.

They will treat your skin at home and maintain the results of your professional salon LED appointments, in the same way that your everyday skincare regime treats your skin in-between salon facials - by using your Boost alongside your everyday skincare, you’ll get even more out of them too.

Use them like you would the gym, and the Salon as your personal trainer.

Boost LED How To Use

The Boost LED Mask comes with two adjustable Velcro straps that allow you to comfortably wear the mask.

To fit the mask, thread the shorter strap through the inlet holes on either side of the mask as shown in the illustrations.

The longer strap fits through the top of the loops on either side of the mask, as shown in the illustrations, and sits on the top of your head.

Loop the straps around your head and secure firmly.

Adjust if necessary.

Gentle exfoliation pre-treatment enables better penetration of light. This can be anything from a manual exfoliant, gentle AHA cleanser, textured cloth, through to an over night resurfacing treatment.

Any skincare applied post treatment will work even harder on your skin, so you’ll gain more from your product.

Serum, a very thin layer of a cream mask or moisturiser can be applied under - if the layers are too thick, the product will absorb an element of the light. Ingredients such a Vit B, C, E, hyaluronic, peptides etc work well.

Our Hydrogel sheet mask (specially formulated to work with LED) is a great option to use in combination with an LED mask, as the hydrogel targets surface hydration whilst the light treats from within.

Resurfacing products such as Retinol's or Acids, are best used before or after LED (although lactic works well under, if the product contains a small %)

Use as frequently your skin needs, maintaining salon treatment results and enhancing your everyday skincare products.

With regard to frequency, the body doesn’t store light, and instead processes it as it needs it. However it can only absorb so much, so once your batteries are fully charged, they’ll need to use the energy before requiring charging again - this of course is individual to the person and not something we can measure.

If you are finding your nightly 10x minute doses are beneficial for your skin and wellbeing, I would absolutely continue as you are, as it fits nicely into your individual routine. However, it’s also beneficial to remember that LED has cumulative effects in the body, so you may find after a while that you can reduce these sessions, even on a relaxation basis.

Start with 10mins to each area for the first couple of sessions and then increase to 20mins - if you feel you want an extra boost/ are particularly tired/ have the time to spare/ have an event. The device won’t overheat and your body will only absorb the amount of light its able, so you are safe in both areas.

10mins delivers the required dose of light to stimulate cell activity. 20mins or more gives your skin that extra boost/ treat, if it needs it.

How To Wear The Mask

How To Wear The Bib

Cleanse & Recovery

Due to its gentle but incredibly effective oxidising method of action, it achieves high levels of protection against bacteria and infection, without causing any harm to the skin itself.

Spritz and leave to dry - exposure time of 15 seconds is required to achieve anti-viral and anti-bacterial protection.

In a 2015 study, it revealed that people touch their faces, on average, a shocking 23 times per hour. That’s over 350 times a day!

Spritzing our "redness relieving and bacteria fighting" Cleanse & Recovery spray on the hour or as needed, is the perfect antidote to ward off unwanted germs - on the face, hands and our children!

The key ingredient? Hypochlorous, an ultra-pure solution that penetrates the cell walls of any pathogen.

It helps strengthen the skin, support the acid mantle, protect from pollution and deeply cleanse.

Really want to boost your skins immune system? Pair the Boost Cleanse and Recovery Spray with the Boost Advanced LED Mask.

Do a double dose of your mask for 20 minutes and we guarantee it will not only take a beneficial toll on you physically but mentally, you’ll feel energised and rejuvenated.

For our own use

In-salon, our therapists use to prepare the skin for nearly all of our treatments, and they love the ease of it but equally love the trust that they have in the technology - so much so that they all use it at home too.

In Salon

Signature facial – to strengthen, calm and as anti-microbial pre-prep for the skin.

Pre and post microneedling – to fully disinfect the skin and prevent infection. Plus to support healing and regeneration.

And we recommend clients to use it at home, to help minimise oil, help heal blemishes (whether its acne or monthly breakouts), and to support the skin.

We also have positive studies being carried out on the use of Cleanse & Recovery with LED for the treatment of rosacea.

Personal use – client quotes:

"Since being introduced to the product, I have used it daily - morning and night, before applying my skincare."

"I love the freshness on my face and that it helps heal my odd breakouts quicker."

"I have also noticed an improvement in the blackheads on my nose, which is one of my biggest concerns."

Hydrogel Sheet Masks

They are actually incredibly delicate on purpose, so the light can penetrate through. If they were thicker, they would absorb too much of the light dose & dilute the effect, rather than enhancing it.


Sheet masks are always quite tricky to apply but the beauty of these ones is that you can tear alongside the nose, so you can really position around the eye, if necessary.


Plus they are quite unique with the combination of ingredients & contain niacinamide, hyaluronic and collagen.

We created hydrogel masks, which are specifically formulated for the use of LED - so they allow the light to penetrate optimally through the product.


Any other form of sheet mask is a little bit of trial and error to the individual, as difference materials can absorb light. However, if your skin is getting lots of lovely ingredients and only 50% of the light, you’ll still see some benefit. Just make sure you have some light only time too.

Boost LED Care

Please handle With Care - The Boost LED Mask is flexible and durable, but must be stored flat in its protective bag and well-looked after for longevity.

All surfaces of the Boost system may be cleaned with a water-based wipe or damp lint-free cloth. Stubborn stains can be removed by wiping gently with a 70% alcohol wipe. A spritz with Cleanse & Recovery provide anti-bacterial and anti-microbial protection.

Warranty & Returns

For hygiene reasons, beauty devices that have been opened cannot be returned or exchanged unless they are faulty. However, we do offer a 14-day cooling-off period, if the product is not used and you change your mind.

In this event, we will refund the price paid in full, subject to any deduction we are entitled to make if the item returned is not in a fully resaleable condition or the packaging is damaged.

Please register your purchase within 28 days of purchaseto qualify for our 2 Year warranty.

A full two years warranty is offered for faulty goods.

LED bulbs themselves can last for 5-10 years, however we are unable to determine the life of the other elements, as it’s often determined by how the product is cared for. We offer a 2 year warranty which covers all areas of the mask, including the LEDs during that period.

Boost LED Bib

Our new Décolletage Bib and Skin Health Package is a versatile LED device with optimised intensities of red 633nm and near-infrared 830nm wavelengths that can be applied to the neck, chest, shoulders, back and includes 4x Hydrogel Décolletage masks.


The Bib is a multi-use beautifying and wellbeing device, designed to treat many areas the Mask can’t reach. 

Due to the multi-use design and engineering complexities, the Décolletage Bib is more expensive to produce.
The Bib is a long-term skincare investment, but an effective spend of money due to the multiple ways to use, areas to treat and cost-per wear over the years. 

This multi-tasking tool not only stimulates collagen, calms redness and inflammation, evens skin tone, and supports muscle aches and pains, but delivers a meditative tranquility and stress-free vibe.

To further enhance the visible benefits, the Hydrogel Décolletage Masks are chockful of antioxidants, plant extracts, collagen, and vitamins to tackle the skin barrier.


The LED Bib penetrates through the transparent mask, enhancing the absorption of ingredients deep into the skin. 


The Boost LED Bib comes with a box of these wonderful delights, to kick-start your décolletage-care. Use as you please - once a week for a more luxurious treat, or on consecutive days leading up to a special event. Can also be used on your neck for instant nourishment and hydration.