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Lift your complexion with our microcurrent facial tool

Following the instant success of our Non-Invasive Face Lift, we’ve partnered with Bio-Therapeutic to give you access to their professional-grade handheld microcurrent facial tool.

The exact same device used by our salon therapists, the bt-sculpt has a unique four-pronged design that sets it apart from similar two-pronged microcurrent devices. Put simply, this substantially increases the coverage and number of True Microcurrent frequencies hitting the skin, with the ‘energy benefit’ to the skin being quadrupled. After just one use, skin appears instantly firmed and lifted, and just as with Boost LED, the results are cumulative, making this a highly effective long-term investment in firmer skin.

Aside from its transformative effects, we love this microcurrent facial tool because it’s pain-free, convenient and simple to use, slotting seamlessly into our LED skincare routine. You simply hold the device for 12 seconds at a time across the jawline, cheeks, eyes and forehead to lift, tone and firm.

To maintain connectivity and glide, we’re including our Boost Cleanse & Recovery Spray with all bt-sculpt purchases, and for those who want to recreate our Non-invasive Face Lift at home, we’ve created The Microcurrent Facial Kit, which includes the bt-sculpt, our spray, serum and Hydrogel Masks for the ultimate post-treatment glow.

How to use the bt-sculpt:

  • The bt-sculpt Microcurrent Tool is ideal for use after your Boost LED Face Mask, with the skin thoroughly cleansed
  • Select one of two modes – ‘Lift’ to firm and tone or ’Skin’ to optimise your routine
  • Choose your desired power level 
  • Spritz on our Cleanse & Recovery Spray for glide
  • Hold the tool in place for 12 seconds on each area you want to treat.
  • Ensure skin contact is maintained by all four probes, as indicated by the purple lights at the top of the unit 
  • Start with the jaw and work your way up to the cheek, outer lip, upper lip, eyebrow and forehead on one side of the face.
  • Repeat this process on the other side.
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