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The Hair Re-growth Duo

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CALECIM is currently available for shipping to the USA and UK only.

Improve hair strength and density with the Calecim Advanced Hair System and our award-winning Boost LED Body Patch.

CALECIM’s serum stimulates follicle cell growth and is applied using a derma-stamp over a six-week period. Using Boost LED after each serum application supercharges its effects, reduces downtime, and stimulates blood flow to the scalp.

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"I now have an inch of new hair all over my scalp that was not there before using the Hair Regrowth Duo, and the quality of my hair is slowly changing."



"I have had issues with excessive hair shedding since puberty - I was completely blown away by my 6 week course of Advanced Microneedling in salon. Within a few weeks I noticed my hair wasn't falling out as much and within 10 weeks was visibly thicker. I had given up on ever having 'good hair', I can't recommend highly enough."



"By the end of the in-salon Advanced Microneedling 6-treatment course, my hair at the front looked fuller, and is growing back on the top of my head. It also appears to be stronger with less noticeable loss of hair. It's helped my confidence return as well as my hair!"


How To Use It

Ensure hair is clean and free of oil and products.
Allow at least one week following any hair dye, chemical straightening or curling before applying CALECIM.

1. Prepare the first section to be treated by parting the hair and exposing the scalp.

2. Take the microneedling stamp and with slight pressure, administer the needles along the line of the scalp that is exposed.

3. Stamp back and forth along the length of the parting, repeating four times.

4. Apply the Calecim Advanced Hair System in drops along the same scalp line and gently massage in.

5. Repeat this action for each area being treated.

6. Attach the Boost LED Patch to the head and treat for 10 minutes (device will time out automatically).

Repeat the above twice a week with 72 hours between each treatment.

Apply your Boost LED Patch a further three times a week for the full six-week programme.