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Boost LED Collar

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Our streamlined yet powerful Boost LED Collar. Plumps, smooths and corrects the skin, stimulates hair re-growth. 98% agree their skin felt firmer in just four weeks.

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No animal testing

Visible Results

Real users of the Boost LED Collar.


The most targeted LED device out there.

The Boost LED Collar is a targeted band of clinically-proven precision wavelengths for use on the neck, lower face, forehead and hairline.

This highly wearable device allows you to improve skin firmness, reduce hormonal breakouts and stimulate hair follicles in regular 10-minute sessions.

"Following a recent thyroid operation, I have used the Collar on my neck, to help speed up the healing and smooth out the scar tissue. This has been a brilliant introduction as not only is the device incredibly convenient and effective on the scar itself, it has also improved the dryness and texture of the surrounding skin."

– Fiona

"I have been using the collar on my hairline and neck for 4 weeks. It really works and gives me a great result - my neck lines are smoother and less visible now and the texture has improved. It’s easy and convenient to use."

– Diane

"I have been using the collar for 6 week on my chin and cheek area. Previously there were spots with redness which created an uneven texture. After using the collar, I have been able to see a noticeable improvement on the texture plus the redness has calmed down. This has led to a smoother finish and happier skin!"

– Mia

Clinical Trial Results

Our Boost LED Collar is backed by rigorous scientific research and clinical trials. Its precision wavelengths – red 633nm and near-infrared 830nm – are the most clinically proven to renew the skin at a cellular level.

Clinically Proven Wavelengths

The Boost LED Collar's precision wavelengths are the most clinically proven to renew the skin at a cellular level. Red 633nm wavelengths target and restore the skin’s surface, reducing inflammation and redness and plumping the complexion. Near-infrared 830nm wavelengths are absorbed deeper than the dermis, triggering your cells’ production of collagen and elastin, treating pigmentation and age spots, and enhancing skin health.

How To Use It

Our Boost LED Collar couldn’t be easier to use – all you need is clean skin and 10 minutes. Simply secure the Collar comfortably to your neck or face using our adjustable straps, attach the controller, switch it on, and relax. The device will automatically time out at the end of your treatment time.

For best results, use a minimum of three times a week.

LED-optimised skincare

Prime the skin for optimal light absorption and extend that post-treatment glow with the only skincare product range that's scientifically formulated to enhance the effects of LED.

Enzymatic Cleanser & Mask

Enzymatic Cleanser & Mask

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Boost Cleanse & Recovery Spray

Boost Cleanse & Recovery Spray

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Hydrating Peptide Serum

Hydrating Peptide Serum

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Boost Hydrogel Face Mask - 5 Pack

Boost Hydrogel Face Mask - 5 Pack

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The Science of LED

LED (Light Emitting Diode) therapy is a non-invasive treatment that works at a deep, cellular level. Delivered at the correct intensity, our precision wavelengths trigger your skin cells to renew and replenish themselves more efficiently and effectively. 

Red 633nm wavelengths target and restore the surface of the skin. They reduce inflammation and redness, and plump the complexion. Near-infrared 830nm wavelengths are absorbed deeper than the dermis, triggering your skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin, which keep it firm and supple.


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Great quality!

It’s too soon to tell how this collar will affect my skin. However, I do want to say that I am really impressed with the quality of this product! It is made so well and is simple to use. Plus, it only takes 10 minutes. When I see good results from this device I will definitely be ordering the mask!

Julie Downey
Great product

Easy to use. I’m enjoying using it, can’t wait to see the results.

Richard Bagaporo
It's so worth it! Get it!

So, I wanted to wait a bit before I posted a review. I bought the neck collar, the patch, and the face mask as a disclaimer. It's been about a month I'd say, and I initially bought this just for skincare but it's beyond just that.

Let me just say this, my mood has drastically improved - I am happy just for the sake of being happy. I know, crazy right? But it's the truth. While I noticed improvement of my skin, I think I'm going to continue using this for a better life.

It's also not just about mood and skin either. I have been suffering from arthritis pain for the longest time I can remember. I normally have to use strong pain meds in order to suppress the awful agony of an acute flare up. But not this time. It may seem a bit crazy, how can just red light help with such severe pain? I'm not questioning it. I am just FOREVER grateful for these devices.

Your life will change. Get it.