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Enzymatic Cleanser & Mask (150ml)

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Our skin-brightening Enzymatic Cleanser & Mask. The only cleanser scientifically formulated to enhance the effects of LED. 94% agree their skin appeared more radiant after just two weeks.

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"I am lazy with my cleansers, I just want one that does it all and this is gentle enough round my eyes, but takes my makeup off and leaves my skin feeling super hydrated. So much so that I am using less serum afterwards, and I have very dry skin, so have really noticed the difference."

– Louise

"I’m in love with the Enzymatic Cleanser & Mask. I love the medium thickness and creamy texture, that has the perfect amount of slip for facial massage. It ever so gently exfoliates without irritating or drying my skin."

– Christie

"Once per week, I cleanse my face thoroughly, put the enzymatic mask on for 5-10 mins, wash it off, put on the peptide serum, let it soak in for 30 secs, and then wear the LED Mask for 20 minutes and OMG the results and experience are heaven."

– Vienda

"Mask of the day was @thelightsalon - can be used as a cleanser but I mainly use it as a mask. Makes the skin so soft."

– Sarah

Meet the ultimate primer for LED.

The Enzymatic Cleanser & Mask is the ideal first step in your LED skincare routine. Powerful enough to remove deep impurities yet gentle enough to use around the eyes. Enzyme Duo Technology brightens the skin, dissolving dirt and excess oil. Poly Hydroxy Acids support the ageing process, while 70% hydrating actives leave skin thoroughly cleansed with no dryness.


How To Use

Our Enzymatic Cleanser & Mask can be used as a daily cleanser to remove dirt and make-up and as a weekly exfoliating mask.

To cleanse, apply to dry skin, add a small amount of water, and massage using gentle pressure and circular movements. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

To use as a mask, apply a thin layer onto dry skin. Leave for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with water. Pat dry.

Can also be applied anywhere on the body to brighten and smooth the skin, and as a primer for your Boost LED device.

LED-Optimised Skincare

Prime your skin for optimal light absorption and extend your post-treatment glow with the only skincare range that's scientifically formulated to enhance the effects of LED.

Enzymatic Cleanser & Mask (150ml)

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Boost Cleanse & Recovery Spray

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Hydrating Peptide Serum

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Boost Hydrogel Face Mask - 3 Pack

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Key ingredients

Enzyme Duo Technology decongests the skin, tightens the appearance of enlarged pores, and gently polishes the skin’s surface. The Enzyme Protease breaks down dead skin cells and debris, while the Enzyme Lipase breaks down the lipid-based sebum on the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid, Argan, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E hydrate and balance the skin with natural emollients, leaving it thoroughly cleansed with no dryness.

Hibiscus Extra and Aloe Vera reduce inflammation to soothe and calm.

Next-generation Gluconolactone supports even the most sensitive skin, making it gentle enough to be applied around the eyes.