Our Story

With a friendship that spans over 20 years, founders Hannah Measures and Laura Ferguson, share a passion for all things LED, a treatment that serves their very different complexions – Hannah harbours sensitive skin, while Laura battles with breakouts.

During Laura’s tenure as manager of a renowned London spa, she was introduced to best-in-class treatments and technology, and educated herself, her team, and Hannah, who all quickly fell for the incredible benefits of LED light. Think a healthy glow, a strengthened skin barrier, and an overall meditative calm after relaxation and relief under the light.

However, Hannah and Laura found a significant issue with the skin-transforming technology – LED was typically offered as an expensive add-on to an hour-long facial, or available to only those in-the-know and with a budget to spare in a doctor or dermatologist’s office. The duo strived and ultimately created a space that catered to their budget and busy schedules. Both wanted to reveal an ambiance where best friends, mothers and daughters, even fathers and sons, could flock to for a quick treatment that took 20 minutes tops and garnered instant and cumulative results. Which then had you walking away feeling as if you’ve nurtured your mind, body, and soul.

But they didn’t stop there. The Light Salon’s clients wanted access to LED in between appointments and while they traveled. Hannah and Laura partnered with the best in light therapy to create the Boost collection, a range of at-home, portable and professional LED devices so that clients can reap all the benefits in the comfort of their abode.

With a profound passion and understanding of this medical and clinically-proven technology, a need for an attainable-priced option, and sans compromising on the best and most efficacious modalities that could deliver a consistent outcome, The Light Salon opened its doors in 2015 and now has over 11 locations across the US and UK. The space is open, yet discreet, the technology is effective, yet relaxing, the staff are highly informed, yet nurturing. That said, we’ve made it easy for our clients to walk away with a growing range of pro LED devices and skincare to support both skin health and wellbeing long-term.