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Correcting LED

Skin Reset
A transformative treatment combining a bespoke lactic/salicylic acid peel to renew the epidermis with advanced LED to renew the skin at a deeper cellular level. A hydrogel mask plumps and hydrates while a lymphatic draining massage re-energises the complexion.

Teen Skin
Specifically created for younger skin, this treatment includes a deep cleanse activated by gently exfoliating enzymes, and advanced LED tailored to your skin concerns, using acne-tackling blue 415nm light or healing near-infrared 830nm and, if required, a BHA peel followed by extraction. 

Adult Acne
A blue 415nm light treatment for acne-prone skin that effectively eliminates bacteria, reduces oil production and prevents future breakouts. Includes a deep cleanse activated by gently exfoliating enzymes and a detoxifying manual lymphatic massage.

Depending on chosen treatment,
correcting facials include:

Advanced LED
Refining AHA Peel
Hydrating Mask
Detoxifying Massage

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Skin Reset

45mins / £105

Teen Skin

30mins / £30

Adult Acne

30mins / £50