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Boost LED Face Mask

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Our original, multi-award-winning Boost LED Face Mask. Clinically proven to trigger cellular renewal, transforming the complexion. 96% agree their fine lines appeared less visible in just four weeks.

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No animal testing

Renew your complexion in 10 minutes.

Transform your skin in four weeks.

Our Boost LED Face Mask is the original at-home LED device, developed by The Light Salon after delivering over 30,000 LED facials. Bringing the same precision wavelengths used in our professional treatments, the award-winning Mask is clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth, increase collagen production, brighten the complexion, and strengthen the skin’s barrier.

Visible Results

Real users of the Boost LED Face Mask.

Wrinkle Reduction

Forehead lines reduced


Reduced redness from rosacea

“Favorite beauty purchase of the year, I use it almost every night. It is easy to stay consistent and incorporate into my routine. Customer service is also excellent - highly recommend!”

“My new anti-ageing obsession. The main improvements in my skin that I've noticed are less redness, brighter and more even skin tone, & plumper looking skin.”

– Holly

"It was week 3 where I was like...woah...I'm starting to see the fine lines around my eyes smooth out. The biggest thing I've noticed since using the Mask is an increase in luminoisity...that glow has definitely upped"

– Serena

“It reduces wrinkles by 36% in four weeks. It doesn't come cheap, but neither does botox."

– Hannah


“For the first time I’ve been able to switch to a normal moisturiser rather than my hypoallergenic one! The LED Mask maybe an investment but long term will save me a fortune on makeup as I only use a tiny bit of foundation now! My confidence has massively improved also, I’m so grateful."

– Tansy

“I went to the dermatologist the other day and the receptionist whispered to me "we're all jealous of your skin, what have you been doing?"

– Sarah

“I'm in my 50's with menopausal skin - saggy, sallow and basically yuk! I cannot believe the difference... my skin feels tighter and looks brighter already. My sun damage is getting lighter and that's a bonus.”

– Alison

"It Works if you use it consistently. I have all four red light therapy devices that The Light Salon offers. I’m 71 and my skin looks very good and I get compliments often. BUT, you have to use it to get results."

"It's an amazing treatment for skin & wellbeing, helping to achieve radiant, glowing skin and also relieving stress and anxiety - which is great after a pretty FULL ON week."

– Claire

Clinical Trial Results

Our Boost LED Face Mask is backed by rigorous scientific research and clinical trials. Its precision wavelengths – red 633nm and near-infrared 830nm – are the most clinically proven to renew the skin at a cellular level.

Clinically proven wavelengths

The Boost LED Face Mask's precision wavelengths are the most clinically proven to renew the skin at a cellular level. Red 633nm wavelengths target and restore the skin’s surface, reducing inflammation and redness, and plumping the complexion. Near-infrared 830nm wavelengths are absorbed deeper than the dermis, triggering your cells’ production of collagen and elastin, treating pigmentation and age spots, and enhancing skin health.

How To Use It

Our Boost LED Mask couldn’t be easier to use – all you need is clean skin and 10 minutes. Simply secure the Mask comfortably to your face using our adjustable straps, attach the controller, switch it on, and relax. The device will automatically time out at the end of your treatment time.

For best results, treat your skin a minimum of three times a week.

LED-optimised skincare

Prime the skin for optimal light absorption and extend that post-treatment glow with the only skincare product range that's scientifically formulated to enhance the effects of LED.

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The Science of LED

LED (Light Emitting Diode) therapy is a non-invasive treatment that works at a deep, cellular level. Delivered at the correct intensity, our precision wavelengths trigger your skin cells to renew and replenish themselves more efficiently and effectively. 

Red 633nm wavelengths target and restore the surface of the skin. They reduce inflammation and redness, and plump the complexion. Near-infrared 830nm wavelengths are absorbed deeper than the dermis, triggering your skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin, which keep it firm and supple.


Customer Reviews

Based on 165 reviews
Worth it

Impressively effective. I have rosacea and it really helps even out my skin tone. It also gives me a really nice glow. It works best for me when I use it twice a day, lying down with eyes closed to avoid getting a headache from the light (I can't stand the eye guards). I like how simple it is to use—no guesswork.


Love it!!! It’s lightened the dark circles under my eyes so much!


Incredible product! Have really noticed the difference in my skin. Cant wait to purchase the neck mask.