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How LED can support menopausal symptoms

This World Menopause Month, we’re sharing our personal experiences of menopausal symptoms and how LED can support your mind and body through this change. Read on for three stories from members of The Light Salon community, and discover just how much of a difference your device can make.


Miyuki, a Light Salon LED specialist, has worked with us for four years. Having delivered countless treatments on herself, others, and her entire family, she understands the wide-ranging benefits of LED. 

Like many women of peri-menopausal/menopausal age, Miyuki is suffering from thinning hair. However, with consistent use of her Boost Body Patch, Miyuki has seen an increase in thickness and a notable reduction in hair loss. This is because LED increases blood flow in the scalp which stimulates the metabolism in our hair follicles. 

As well as hair loss, the Patch can support a range of menopausal symptoms including breakouts, dryness and sagging caused by fluctuating hormones and declining oestrogen. ⁠It stimulates your skin's production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to rebalance, plump and hydrate. LED also lowers cortisol and increases melatonin, helping you to find calm and encouraging better sleep.⁠




Laura, The Light Salon co-founder, has been obsessed with LED since 2006. She knows the skincare benefits are what draws everybody to LED, but wishes more people knew how beneficial this form of therapy is for your mind. Our Boost LED Body Patch is clinically proven to reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, and increase the sleep hormone melatonin, helping to reset our circadian rhythm. It also boosts serotonin, the happy hormone, and ignites pockets of nitric oxide, which lowers blood pressure, enabling us to de-stress.

Like many women of menopausal age, and many of us dealing with the stresses in life in general, Laura suffers from bouts of anxiety and sleeplessness. Often in the middle of the night, her mind is racing while the rest of the house is fast asleep. Having never been sure if sleep supplements work, she knows the Patch will offer instant relief; calming, comforting and sending her back to sleep, whilst treating her skin. 

We can’t show you the emotional benefits, but we can share the difference in her skin, from regular use. By consistently placing her LED Patch on her chest for comfort, Laura has seen an improvement in overall skin texture, but more importantly feels herself again. 




Jay, a Light Salon client and friend, has  always suffered from winter ‘lizard skin’; dry patches of skin on her legs that cause discomfort and itchiness, and have consistently got worse with age. 

Last year her discomfort increased so much, she contacted Laura, co-founder of The Light Salon, who explained the impact of fluctuating hormones on our face and body during the peri-menopause, and told her to treat her legs as she would her face - meaning if you treat symptoms on your body as carefully as your face, they’ll improve. 

With daily use of the Patch, Jay completely reversed the symptoms within two weeks. And this year, not taking any chances, Jay’s Patch has been her best friend and proven, with commitment and consistency, that LED can help keep inflammatory skin conditions at bay.

We’re passionate about sharing experiences like these, and spreading the word about the support LED can provide. 

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