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5 reasons LED devices make a wise choice now more than ever

In the midst of spiralling living costs, every one of us is reconsidering our spending habits. And when it comes to skincare, the goal right now is to be as streamlined as possible. More than ever, we need multitasking products that offer a lot of value for money and that, ideally, deliver benefits not just for our skin but for our body and mind too. At The Light Salon, we’re proud to be more than just a skincare brand, with devices that support our entire selves, from mental wellbeing to pain management. If you’re considering an LED device for yourself or a loved one, check out our list of five reasons you won’t regret it.


1. Buying expensive creams is much more expensive. 

Consider the products on your bathroom shelf and how much they set you back each year. Instead, opt for a device that regenerates the skin at a cellular level on a daily basis without ever running out. For the complexion, that device could be our original Boost LED Face Mask (£395), the Boost LED Bib (£395), or the versatile Boost LED Collar (£195), which you can use to target the neck, lower face and forehead.


2. LED cares for more than just your skin. 

We know that the skin benefits are what draws everyone to LED, and for good reason, with acne, redness, pigmentation, scarring, wrinkle reduction and collagen production all on our list of reasons to love light therapy. However, those precision wavelengths are also clinically proven to lower cortisol, and to increase serotonin and melatonin, which means stress relief and regulated sleep. LED is also an effective form of pain management and speeds up the body's healing process, helping you recover from injury more quickly, as well as targeting period pain and arthritis. If you’re looking for an all-over solution that enables you to care for your mind and body, consider the Boost LED Body Patch (£395).


3. A Boost device gives you 260 treatments a year.

If you use your LED device the recommended three to five times a week, that's 260 treatments a year. And, as the effects of LED are cumulative, your skin will become stronger and healthier over time.


4. The benefits evolve as you do. 

LED therapy is a ritual that supports your skin, mind and body on its journey through life. This is because your cells process the light according to what they need on any given day. So, while this could start off as a reduction in hormonal breakouts, it might evolve to become firmer, plumper skin, or reduced stress and anxiety. The more you use LED, the more ways you’ll see it supports your whole self.


5. It’s a wellbeing ritual. 

As mentioned above, LED regulates the hormones that affect your stress levels and promote a feeling of calm. In addition to these scientific facts, we can all appreciate the positive impact of carving out 10 minutes our of your day for some much-needed self-care. Those in The Light Salon community understand the power of wearing our devices to act as a reset button, not just for their skin, but for their state of mind. 

Explore the full Boost LED device range here.
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