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Why Is Led Light Therapy Good For Men? 

Why is LED light therapy good for men? Let us count the ways. 

  • It’s results driven.
  • It’s convenient and takes just 10 minutes.
  • You can do it in the comfort of your own home.
  • You can use it with or without products.
  • It helps to improve the complexion as a whole and reduce irritation post-shaving.

How To Use LED Light

Simply, apply the mask to the face and fasten the straps, making sure it feels comfortable. Our Boost LED Face Mask delivers clinically proven red 633nm and near-infrared 830nm wavelengths. But to witness optimal skin results, consistency is key since LED treatments deliver cumulative benefits. 

What Are The Secondary Benefits Of LED Light Therapy?

Our BOOST LED Face Mask helps boost your serotonin, so it’s a great ritual to use pre-bedtime to relax the mind and wind down. LED light therapy also amps up your aura and disposition and can offer improved sleep by helping to balance our circadian rhythm and increasing the sleep hormone, melatonin.

Skincare For Men

We also recommend our skincare collection to help further reap the benefits of LED. Our salon skincare products lie within our mission of simplicity, so you can expect efficient all-in-one complexion necessities for men who prefer a quick regimen.

For example, the Daily Enzyme Cleanser & Mask is a gentle, daily, multi-action resurfacing face wash that does it all: cleanse, hydrate, exfoliate, and mask. The silk-like formula works by dissolving deep-seated impurities and oil. 

Created to be used in tandem with our Boost LED Mask, the Hydrating Peptide Serum is a daily must-have that can also be applied under the Boost to enhance hydration benefits during treatment. It kick starts the natural production of hyaluronic acid, delivering immediate moisture for irritated or razor-burned skin. 

Another great product from our line-up for men is the Boost Cleanse & Recovery Spray, which helps balance the complexion, tackle blemishes and inflammation, control oil, maintain moisture, and is a fantastic remedy for irritation post-shaving for men and women. Even spritz throughout the day to amp hydration and give yourself a little refresh. 

And for instant gratification, our Hydrogel masks work on the skin barrier as our Boost LED Mask penetrates through the transparent mask, enhancing the absorption of ingredients deep into the skin.