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Where Can You Find Salon Quality Skincare Products To Use At Home?

From our signature LED treatments to the immaculate service by our renowned skin therapists, we’re also known for our expertly crafted skincare collection. The range was formulated after our clients were inquiring about a line of at-home skincare essentials that could be utilised when not in the salon. 

Salon Skincare Products

Our salon skincare products lie within our mission of simplicity, so you can expect efficient all-in-one complexion necessities. 

Daily Cleanser

For example, the Boost Enzyme Cleanser & Mask is a gentle, daily, multi-action resurfacing face wash that does it all: cleanse, hydrate, exfoliate, and mask. The silk-like formula works by dissolving deep-seated impurities and oil. It helps to decongest the skin and tighten the appearance of enlarged pores, whilst gently polishing the skin’s surface, thanks to the unique Enzyme Duo Technology. Specially formulated to work in combination with LED; use as a daily cleanser or weekly exfoliating mask to prep the skin and enhance your Boost LED treatment. 

Hydrating Serum

Meanwhile, the Boost Hydrating Peptide Serum is a daily must-have that can also be applied under the Boost LED Mask to enhance hydration benefits during treatment. This peptide-packed skin saviour kickstarts the natural production of hyaluronic acid, delivering immediate moisture. It tackles skin health, whilst supporting ageing skin, resulting in rejuvenated elasticity and texture. The lightweight, brightening, and repairing hyaluronic acid-infused serum also sustains the skin’s integral hydration system from deep within for a supple, smooth, and nourished complexion.

Cleanse & Recover

A longtime favourite of our clients is the Boost Cleanse & Recovery Spray, which helps to balance the complexion, tackles blemishes and inflammation, controls oil, maintains moisture, and is a fantastic remedy for irritation post-shaving for men and women. Blended with hypochlorous, the Boost Cleanse & Recovery Spray provides highly effective cleansing with antimicrobial protection.

Hydrogel Mask

And we can’t forget about our Boost Hydrogel Masks, which come in face and neck and décolletage form. Our masks work their magic on the skin barrier as our Boost LED Mask penetrates through the transparent mask, enhancing the absorption of ingredients deep into the skin. Infused with hydrating, skin brightening, and replenishing ingredients – think niacinamide, sodium hyaluronate, and hydrolyzed collagen – this sheet mask is perfect for daily use or pre-party for a smooth and dewy complexion.

What Are The Best Skincare Products For You?

And if you need some guidance on the best products for your skin or can’t make it into The Light Salon, check out our Virtual Salon. We believe your skincare routine performed in the comfort of your own home should be just as efficacious as the treatments in our salons. Our one-on-one virtual consultations with our very own Light Salon Skin Therapists will help you navigate our signature Boost LED Devices, recommend additional skincare modalities, deliver advice and guide you pre-purchase, and educate on all our offers in-salon.



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