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Skin Care Essentials For Your Summer Staycation

Summer getaways tend to include a lighter suitcase thanks to warm weather dressing. But there are some essential accoutrements to consider whilst traveling. Think pre, during, and post-sun essentials. Whether you’re planning a summer staycation in the UK or jet-setting somewhere tropical, it’s important to be aware of exposure to environmental stressors. 

Comfortable Face Mask

While it wasn’t considered a necessity during past summers, a comfortable face mask is a great way to maintain safety due to COVID 19, whilst also protecting your complexion from outside skin aggressors or when in crowded spaces and public transportation. The fabrication if our Antimicrobial Mask is made from bamboo viscose and is known for its anti-inflammatory, hypoallergenic, and UV resistant properties to keep skin calm and protect the skin barrier. 


But don’t just rely on your mask as the only protection. Your skincare routine prior to applying your mask is just as important. For example, just because the bottom half of your face is covered doesn’t mean you should forgo sunscreen. SPF is a crucial step in protecting your complexion. 


We also recommend packing a cleanser to remove impurities. Our Enzymatic Cleanser & Mask works by dissolving oil to decongest the skin and tighten the appearance of enlarged pores, whilst gently polishing the skin’s surface.


And since the sun can bring out pigmentation, we recommend treating the complexion with our Hydrating Peptide Serum to kickstart the natural production of hyaluronic acid, delivering immediate moisture. It also rejuvenates elasticity and texture and includes niacinamide to help minimize dark spots.

Following your serum, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Proper hydration levels help plump the skin and improve its elasticity. 

Skin Care Essentials

We also love to spritz our Boost Cleanse & Recovery Spray to help balance the complexion, control oil, and maintain moisture, while tackling blemishes and inflammation. It’s a great product to use before donning your mask to calm any irritation. Just make sure you let it air dry before applying your mask. 





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