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The Best Skincare Routines For 20's Skin

With the beauty industry focused heavily on teenage and mature skin, skincare routines for 20s skin often get neglected. In reality, this age group has its share of skin struggles, from adult acne to dehydrated skin caused by late nights. Stress, hormones, lifestyle and skincare habits are some of the culprits.

Building an effective skincare routine in your 20s is an investment in your future skin. Used consistently, LED delivers clinically-proven results and long-term benefits like improved texture, tone and plumpness.

But while many women and men in their 20s are beginning to establish their skincare routines, the cost of products and treatments can prove prohibitive. That’s why, at The Light Salon, we offer a 25% discount on our entire treatment menu, so that our younger customers can start caring for their skin early, and reap the rewards later.

Five common problems for 20's skin – and solutions

Adult acne

Acne isn’t exclusive to teenagers. Stress levels, hormonal changes and bad skincare habits can see acne emerge in our 20s.

Laura Ferguson, co-founder of The Light Salon, says: “For angry skin, our Cleanse & Recovery Spray helps soothe irritation and defends against everyday stressors like makeup, sweat, grime and pollution. 

“It contains Hypochlorous Acid, a naturally occurring organic compound found in your body's own defence system, and a skin-happy pH of 4.5 to calm and renew stressed out skin. Combined with our BOOST Advanced LED Mask, this is a winning formula for angry skin suffering from breakouts.”

Dehydrated skin

Late nights, under-moisturising and daily stressors can lead to dry and flaky skin in our 20s. Hydration is your friend – combined with gentle yet effective cleansing.

Laura says: “Start with our Enzymatic Cleanser & Mask – 70% of its active ingredients aids hydration. The gentle exfoliating properties help to tackle a dehydrated surface. Follow with our Hydrating Peptide Serum – we recommend a thin, light layer underneath your Boost LED Devices or simply on its own to nourish and replenish your skin.”


Under-eye circles

For tired eyes, puffy circles and under-eye shadows that can result from fast-paced 20s lifestyles, Laura recommends: “Plenty of water, a consistent sleep routine and gentle lymphatic massage movements around the eyes using Hydrating Peptide Serum and Boost LED Mask.


From dry red patches to blotches and acne, inflammation is a key cause of problem skin in our 20s. As per Laura’s recommendations for acne-prone skin, she suggests using the Cleanse & Recovery Spray followed by the Boost LED Mask to helps soothe rebalance irritated skin.

Uneven texture

Frequently accompanied by inflammation or dryness, uneven texture can include scarring and pigmentation, enlarged pores, and breakouts.

For uneven 20s skin, Laura recommends combining the cult Enzymatic Cleanser & Mask and Hydrating Peptide Serum with the Boost LED Mask. For an extra restorative boost, add in Medik8 C-Tetra + Intense Lipid Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum, a fast-absorbing formula that brightens and balances the skin.

Pro tip – add Vitamin C!

“Vitamin C has multiple benefits, from improving skin tone and texture to reducing inflammation, fading hyperpigmentation and acne scars, and brightening the skin,” says Laura. “Pat the skin with 3-4 drops, let it absorb and apply your Boost LED Mask for 10 minutes.”






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