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How To Build An Effective Skincare Routine


Just as it’s important to create healthy, regular routines when it comes to eating, sleeping and exercise, building a daily skincare routine is foundational to your skin’s health. 

If that sounds obvious, you’re probably someone who has long-established skincare rituals. More power to you – but as Google’s list of 2020’s most searched for beauty queries included ‘how to build a skincare routine’, it’s clear that not everyone knows their nightly serum from their morning moisturiser.

Let’s start with the basics – what is a skincare routine? 

Broadly speaking, a morning and nightly skincare routine consists of three main steps. Firstly, cleansing – to clear your skin of any dirt, pollution, excess oil and dead skin cells. Secondly, toning – to rebalance the skin’s pH levels after cleansing. And finally, moisturising – to hydrate, replenish and soften your skin. Depending on your skin type (oily, combination, acne prone) you may want to personalise your routine further by working in additional steps such as a nourishing serum or weekly mask.  

Why is a skincare routine important? 

Because it serves the primary functions for maintaining healthy skin! Cleansing your skin of debris helps to prevent breakouts, inflammation and dryness. Toning calms and balances the skin after cleansing, recalibrating your skin to its optimal pH levels. Finally, regular moisturising not only helps to eliminate dehydration, but also prevents your skin from over-producing oil, which can lead to breakouts. 

The earlier you start caring for your skin, the greater the rewards you’ll reap later. Laura Ferguson, co-founder of The Light Salon, says: “Healthy skincare habits in your 20s and 30s are hugely important for overall skin health and helping maintain youthfulness down the road.”


She continues: “Whilst each skincare routine is unique to an individual, we believe simplicity is often the key to success. Over-complicated routines are hard to maintain, and can often further compromise skin. Plus, LED technology means your skin and body processes and utilises the wavelengths of light according to your concerns, so the treatment is not only multi-tasking but is bespoke to each person.”

How can I build a skincare routine using The Light Salon’s products?

The beauty of The Light Salon’s products is that they’re safe and effective on all skin tones, types and ages, from teenagers upwards, and are easy to build into your daily routine. As Laura says: “Our products offer cleansing, exfoliating, correcting and hydrating benefits – all essential steps – without disrupting the skins barrier.”

Step 1: Enzymatic Cleanser & Mask 

“This multi-action product offers a gentle yet thorough cleanse, and can even be used around the eyes!” says Laura. “If applied and left on for 5-10 minutes your skin will be perfectly exfoliated, thanks to the combination of PHAs and enzymes.”

Step 2: Cleanse & Recovery Spray 

“Our Recovery Spray maintains a balanced pH and offers antimicrobial properties, without stripping or dehydrating the surface,” explains Laura. “A healthy barrier will allow better absorption of further products.”

Step 3: Hydrating Peptide Serum 

Laura says: “This serum offers multi-level hydrating ingredients to nourish and soothe the skin’s surface. The addition of peptides supports cellular activity, and restores and strengthens collagen and elastin.”

Step 4: Boost LED Face Mask 

“The final step! Our Mask uses clinically proven wavelengths to energise the cells, promoting skin health from within, optimising how your skin thinks and works,” says Laura.

For protection from UV rays and daily stressors, you can add in a broad-spectrum SPF. Laura recommends Medik8 Advanced Total Protect SPF 30.

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