If you can only spend 15 minutes and £35 on a facial, make it The Light Salon’s ExpressLED rejuvenation facial. Granting the ultimate glow-to-go, it uses light therapy to put the skin in a state of repair and naturally boost its collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, on top of immediately visible results on the surface. LED is also an effective therapy for disorders such as acne, rosacea and eczema - as it helps to strengthen the skin and in turn alleviate flare-ups. An excellent all-rounder.
— Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Team


The Light Salon stabilises, strengthens and supports the skin’s structure using Advanced LED light therapy.

Democracy and inclusivity is key to The Light Salon - we believe everyone deserves great skin and have created a salon concept which allows everyone access to the powers of LED.

Everything matters. We share a level of care and attention to detail, but perhaps more importantly what we both bring is a personal experience of what LED has done for us personally. Correcting our skin and building our confidence. We both know only too well the impact a bad skin day has on your self-confidence, and now thrive on putting a spring in someone’s step and making a difference to their day.

£35 / 20 MINUTES

A 20-minute treatment packs in a valuable and effective, skin experience.

Our ExpressLED facials are delivered from the convenience and comfort of an armchair - no time wasted undressing/ dressing.

The Light Salon, created by women, for everyone, is on a quest to make good skin accessible to all.



For optimum Skin Health and Wellbeing our non-invasive LED treatments deliver energy, in the form of Rejuvenating & Correcting LED light, deep into the skin’s cells to nourish the skin and invigorate the mind.

Our Facial Bars & Treatment Room offer a mix of express and super-charged treatments, tailored to your individual skin’s needs, time and budget.



LED light therapy has been amassing devotees among celebrities, skincare experts, influencers, and beauty editors for its ability to do everything from gently reducing acne to encouraging the skin to behave more youthfully.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. The benefits are all a result of the light, which emits therapeutic wavelengths of light energy to energise the cell. Stimulating the production of collagen, elastin and anti-antioxidants and improving blood and lymphatic circulation.

Often referred to as ‘the next big ingredient in skincare’, LED light therapy is a fundamental beauty treatment that enhances and maintains the results of everything else included in your skincare routine, from your products all the way through to in-clinic treatments.



Benefiting the skin as a whole, Near-Infrared supports the ageing process, stimulating healing and regeneration, improving blood and lymph circulation (delivering nutrients and oxygen to the area, whilst removing toxins), and correcting vulnerable and inflamed skin. Near-Infrared is the most powerful of the wavelengths and penetrates deep into the body penetrating bone and muscle. Meaning that over time it can increase bone density and support the structure of the face.

Yellow light reduces superficial inflammation and encourages communication between cells, so helps boost the effects of Near-Infrared.

Red light will stimulate collagen, encourage healing and improve superficial inflammation.

Blue light targets the surface of the skin to kill bacteria so is great if you suffer from acne.



LED is suitable for ALL skin types.

Quick, effective, painless, doesn’t require any downtime, and has the power to improve everyone’s skin-woes, even the most vulnerable of skin. From sensitive and acneic skin to sun spots and pigmentation.

When used as part of a smart skincare regime, LED light therapy can help provide the perfect foundation to everyday great skin.

Skin Health: Plumping, Hydrating, Lifting, Brightening, Radiance, Repair, Renewal

Wellbeing: Mood-Boosting, Stress-Busting, Energising, Freshness

Corrective: Acne, Skin Tone, Pigmentation, Soothing, Strengthening, Anti-Inflammatory



Every session of LED light therapy stimulates the body to increase the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid - three key elements of healthy, bright and radiant skin.

The results are instant AND long-term. Because LED light therapy works on a cellular level, you’ll leave looking glowing. And that glow will become more pronounced with each treatment.

Think of it in terms of a work-out - going once is better than not going at all, but if you make an effort to stick to regular sessions, you’ll get great cumulative benefits.

Immediately - instant calming to redness and improved glow
Day after - your skin is a lot more hydrated, has a natural glow, looks and feels more plumped
Long-lasting - see improvements in skin texture, skin tone and any skin concern