The Light Salon

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Cowshed Spa Treatments

Deep Cleanse & Correct ExpressLED Back Facial - 45 mins | £75
(Yellow or Blue light)

Exfoliate, deep cleanse, correct and repair

(Exclusive to Cowshed Selfridges)


Acne Express LED Facial - 30 mins | £40 (Blue light) 

Anti-bacterial, deep cleansing, corrective.


Rejuvenation ExpressLED Facial - 15 mins | £35 (Yellow light)

Boost, hydrate, brighten, plump and glow.

(To book your Light Salon programme or Mani/pedi with ExpressLED, call Cowshed Customer Care on 020 3350 3470)



Acne Treatment Programme £270

4 x Acne ExpressLED Facials (25mins each) + 4 x Rejuvenation ExpressLED Facials (15 mins each)


Rejuvenation Programme £175

6 x Rejuvenation ExpressLED Facials (15 mins each)


LED is a perfect mother-to-be treatment.
However, since each pregnancy is such a special and unique experience,
we do require a doctors or midwife’s note to carry out the treatment.