Created as a maintenance LED light therapy treatment for use at-home, in-between salon appointments.
Made of flexible silicon, hands-free and completely portable. Works for any face shape and lifestyle.

Our at-home version of our in-salon Skin Health & Rejuvenation treatment.
Strengthen, Rejuvenate, Brighten, Lift and Plump your skin.



Brightens, Plumps, Lifts

Delivering optimised intensities of clinically-proven
Red 633nm and Near-Infrared 830nm wavelengths
(for wrinkles, hydration and firmness)

flexible & portable

Lays out entirely flat and travels easily, with global adaptors
and protective bag provided.


Clinically-proven Wavelengths

stimulates collagen, encourages healing, calms redness and evens skin tone.

NEAR-INFRARED is the most powerful of the rejuvenative wavelengths, penetrating deeper than any product can reach. Near infrared boosts circulation, improving the removal of toxins, delivering oxygen and nourishing the skin, whilst working in combination with red light to enhance the production of collagen and elastin.


The Boost LED Mask only uses Red and Near-Infrared light (NIR), not Blue light, and the intensity of the LEDs in the Boost LED Mask is below the maximum permitted exposure for Near-Infrared 830nm and Red 633nm LED energy and within the limit of safe exposure for the eyes and skin.

Scientific studies have identified that Blue light, delivered to uncovered eyes, at high levels can be linked to eye safety issues.

The Boost LED Mask has been tested to the highest internationally recognized eye safety standards (IEC 62471:2006:2008) and has been deemed safe for use.

As with all light products, the Boost LED Mask is not recommended for those with a known genetic predisposition to light, genetic conditions of the eye or who are taking medications that increase sensitivity to light.

If your eyes are sensitive to any form of light glare, we recommend relaxing during the treatment time with your eyes closed. However, client comfort and satisfaction is paramount to us, and we are therefore sourcing LED eye stickers, for clients who wish to cover their eyes and fully switch off during their Boost time.

If you have any concerns about your Boost LED product or would like more information, please email our customer services team on