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Dear The Light Salon Family,

In these strange and worrying times, it is the people in our lives that matter. Our family, our neighbours, our customers and our employees. Which is why the temporary closure of our physical treatment spaces was so important. But we’ll be back! And with the re-opening of our salons we will be putting new protocols in place to look after the safety of our team and you, our wonderful clients and community.  

Please stay in touch. Follow us @thelightsalon and sign up to our online community. We promise to be ready to open our booking systems the moment it's safe to do so.

Thank you for your support and stay safe.

Love and light, Hannah and Laura xx

LED Light Therapy: The Ultimate Stress Reliever

There are many modalities that help to relieve stress. Think exercise, meditation, and a good night’s sleep, among other things. But often overlooked is LED light therapy as an anxiety antidote.

Recently, studies have shown that the benefit of a single LED session is more than skin deep. And no wonder. Clients of The Light Salon leave feeling grounded and note that the LED lamp has a dramatic impact on their mood and energy levels.

“Feedback from customers both in-salon and at-home LED treatments tell us that the bright lights offer a form of meditative calm,” says Laura Ferguson, co-founder of The Light Salon. “For me, applying LED light to my face or body is an instant stress-buster. It slows down my breathing, and in turn, I can feel my shoulders and every part of my body relax. My very Australian husband finds it to be an instantaneous disconnect. He never reaches for his phone or multi-tasks whilst treating himself, because he finds it exactly that – a real treat. He chooses to perform a meditative type of breathing during the treatment and loves the brightness of light, which he likens to the warmth and light of the beach, but without the sunburn and the sand (in your shorts).”

To that end, cells need light to live, specifically red and near-infrared. And because both types of light have anti-inflammatory benefits and increased antioxidant effects on the body, our bodies better function.  

During the colder months, your state of mind and energy levels drop significantly. The same can be said when held up in your home for too long. And if you don’t live in a climate where the sun shines bright, then LED is a great solution. Because it boosts serotonin levels, LED light therapy amps up your aura and disposition.

“Near-infrared can offer improved sleep by helping to reset our circadian rhythm and increasing the sleep hormone, melatonin,” says Ferguson. “It can boost serotonin, our happy hormone, and ignite pockets of nitric oxide, which is just as valuable as vitamin D and present in every single cell in the body.” Nitric oxide is one of the most important molecules for blood vessel health. It’s a vasodilator, meaning it relaxes the inner muscles of your blood vessel, causing them to widen. “Nitric oxide increases blood flow and lowers blood pressure, so it also works as a destress hormone,” she adds.

But the million-dollar question is, how long should I utilise LED light to reap the stress-relieving benefits?Ferguson recommends a daily application of The Light Salon’s Boost LED light, especially if someone is feeling under the weather, has vulnerable or dull skin, or is feeling overwhelmed and stressed. “Three to five sessions a week will offer you the skin results you are looking for, but adjust your dose according to your emotional and wellbeing needs,” she says. “Increase when you need more support, and decrease when you are sleeping well, your skin is glowing, and you require less.”

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