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Why LED is a summer skin saviour

With days now at their longest and lightest, and our exposure to the sun at its peak, it’s easy for skin to feel more dehydrated. Regular use of your Boost LED will help you to maintain that sought-after summer glow, and repair the skin post-sun exposure. 

Boost your glow
Boost LED wavelengths stimulate the skin’s own production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid – the trio of ingredients that collectively plump, smooth and brighten its appearance. The beauty of LED is that it works at a cellular level, providing a natural glow from within – extra useful on hot days when we want to keep make-up to a minimum. 

Prepare and repair
As well as targeting the complexion, LED can be used anywhere on the body. Right now, you may wish to pay particular attention to the often over-exposed and delicate skin on your neck and chest. Our Collar, Bib and Patch target these areas with precision, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation. They can also be used to treat the back and shoulders to help heal and hydrate the skin after sun exposure. 

Travel first aid
If you’re going away, don’t forget to pack your Boost. When we travel, air conditioning, humidity, sun exposure, stress and interrupted sleep can cause our complexion to become imbalanced. LED resets, rehydrates and re-energises travel-weary skin, as well as providing relief from stiffness and improving blood circulation during long-haul journeys. At The Light Salon, we consider LED a travel first-aid kit, which is why all of our devices come complete with a travel pouch and international plugs.

Wherever you are in the world this summer, remember, consistency is key. For optimal results, use your device three to five times a week.  

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