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Introducing The Boost LED Collar

A Pioneering Beauty Device Targeting Skin’s Vitality

In an age of targeted and personalised wellness, the Light Salon introduces The Boost LED Collar, a lightweight, comfortable and wearable band that delivers clinically-proven wavelengths to specifically target forehead and necklines, supporting the uneven texture and hormonal breakouts along the jaw and chin.

“Whilst LED is the latest tech trend to hit the beauty industry; it's been in our skincare routines for 15 years and at the heart of our business since 2015. Our aim is for The Light Salon to continue to be seen as the authority on LED therapy, both at home and in-salon, through our trusted, clinically proven products and expert skincare advice, backed by years of personal and professional experience. The Collar represents our next step on this journey, and we're so excited to be taking it.” explains The Light Salon founders Hannah and Laura.

What Is The Boost LED Collar?

The Boost LED Collar helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It helps support hormonal breakouts, firms and tones skin, and increases collagen production for a healthy, revitalised, long-lasting radiance. Still harnessing the technology and results that have engineered the success of our BOOST products, its clinically-proven wavelengths also relax muscles and improve circulation for a more profound feeling of calm. 

How Does The LED Light Therapy Work?

“The Collar uses the same precision wavelengths as our range of Boost LED devices, red 633nm and near-infrared 830nm, packed into a wearable LED band for targeting multiple areas, from improving the texture of the difficult-to-treat neck area to forehead lines, hormonal breakouts on the jaw, and lifting and plumping furrowed brows. At £195, it’s the ideal introduction to our award-winning LED devices.” they share. 

Why Use An LED Light Therapy Collar

Whether an impact of stress, hormonal breakouts or zoom meetings, we have never been more hyper-aware of our appearance. Not always finding the time to visit a clinic or wait for 6-8 treatments before seeing results, an at-home efficacious treatment such as the collar is our way of prioritising wellness on your own time. 

The collar is designed with LED technology to target, renew and heal skin cells for efficacious results. The Boost Collar can be used on multiple areas of concern, taking hold of the power of LED for advanced solutions to skin wellness. With an interchangeable strap, portable design, and rejuvenating 10-minute treatment, you can boost skin vitality (regardless of skin tone). Incorporating 3-5 times in your week will unlock the beauty of this powerful device.

With extensive clinical trials carried out over 12 weeks;

  • Wrinkle depth reduced by 36% in 4 weeks.
  • Collagen, elastin production and oxygenation was increased in 2 weeks.
  • Improvement of hydration and firmness in 4 weeks.
  • 96% agreed that in 4 weeks, their fine lines appeared less visible.
  • 95% agreed that in 4 weeks, their skin was brighter and plumper.

All of which come together to help improve the absorption and penetration of topical skincare products to follow–effectively rebuilding the damage caused by ageing, lifestyle and environmental pressures. And an even more significant benefit, the collar has been designed to be used anywhere and everywhere, “It’s my desk accessory when working from home. I pop it on before or after a meeting to soften the necklines and soothe my head after an intense few hours at the computer. I love that it comforts and calms whilst treating the skin.” Hannah says. With functionality incorporated into the core of the collar, you can guarantee it fits perfectly into any regimen. “I love the convenience and ease of targeting hormonal breakouts on my chin, smoothing my frowning forehead and soothing my lips which, unusually, can get dry and inflamed quite easily, depending on what I’ve eaten!” Laura concludes.

While it still can be used as part of our Boost Range and taking LED one step further, the Boost Collar is taking a hyper-focused approach to LED at home for the first time. 

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