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Our Story

Our founders Laura Ferguson and Hannah Measures have been friends since 1999, and obsessed with light therapy since 2006. 

After decades of searching for a solution to her acne-prone skin, and a career working in London’s most exclusive spas, Laura Ferguson was introduced to LED therapy. Delivered in a medical setting, the application of precision wavelengths from Light Emitting Diodes had a transformative effect on Laura’s complexion.

Keen to share her discovery with the world, she introduced an LED treatment at the luxury spa she managed, and it immediately took off. And the more Laura treated clients with this new technology, the longer the list of benefits became. Not only was LED effective in soothing and correcting problematic skin, but it also reduced the appearance of acne scarring, lessened the redness of rosacea, hydrated dry and irritated skin, and reduced wrinkle depth, plumping and smoothing fine lines. 

One client who’d seen dramatic changes since using light therapy was Laura’s friend of 25 years, Hannah Measures. Hannah found light therapy calmed her highly sensitive skin and had a profoundly meditative effect on her mind. The two friends were hooked. But there was one snag: the price tag.

Then working in advertising, Hannah had spotted a growing trend in department stores for nail bars and blow-dry bars, but nothing like a facial bar. Hannah was ready to put her creative energy into an enterprise of her own and so, together with Laura, they founded The Light Salon – the UK’s first affordable, express LED facial offering.

At a time when high-tech LED equipment was expensive, relatively unknown, and available exclusively in clinics, The Light Salon democratised the advanced LED space, making light therapy accessible to the masses by combining the latest technology with a luxe spa experience.

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