Boost reviews

A nice blast of red LED light courtesy of the @thelightsalon portable mask. Life’s good.
— Lisa Eldridge

I love the Boost mask as it is 10 mins of absolute bliss without any mess nor hassle with instant and long lasting effects. As it is malleable it is so convenient to carry around the world and also moulds perfectly around your individual bone structure.

I suffer some peri orbital dermatitis which Boost clears up and manages, not to mention the relaxation benefits lying under it’s warmth.

At work it is an instant pick-me-up for tired jet-lagged skin. I have to wrestle it back from everyone I have used it on! They all want one! As I travel a lot, the Boost mask allows me to maintain my skin health which I have invested in at The Light Salon.

It is such a effortless, foolproof, blissful addition to my personal and professional skincare regimes.
— Florrie White

How cool is this!! I’ve been enjoying 10 minutes of LED light therapy before bed for the last few weeks thanks to the Boost LED Mask from The Light Salon. Proven to improve the appearance of the skin this mask has been revolutionary in my bed-time routine and has really been helping me unwind and relax”
— Hannah Martin
Only takes 10 minutes a day - seriously love it also because it’s a flexible mask and is comfortable to wear. Love @thelightsalon.
— Alessandra Steinherr

Spoiler alert - it’s amazing. Once it’s strapped on, you can walk around the house and get on with your day – I even made a curry while wearing it. Instantly, I can notice that my skin looks clearer and smoother, and it certainly has more of a glow about it, which I really struggle getting at this time of the year. I can definitely still see a change in my complexion. Brighter, yes. Smoother, yes (I’ve noticed the little lines on my forehead and around my eyes look fainter) and certainly much less dry and flaky. I’ve also noticed that my usual hormonal breakout around my mouth hasn’t been as noticeable as usual.
I LOVE my The Light Salon Boost Advanced LED Light Therapy Face Mask @thelightsalon. It helps absorption of serums and moisturisers, boosts and energising cells, and helps to improve texture. To wear: a strap goes around the back and over the top of your head, and you can walk around, getting on with things very comfortably. The kids will get used to it!

I used after this and a 111skin face mask, and Chanel Hydra Beauty Camellia Water Cream. My skin feels gorgeous!

The struggle to stay awake is real - giving my skin & mood a pick me up with @thelightsalon Boost (have been loving this portable LED mask). Only takes 10 minutes a day - seriously love it also because it’s a flexible mask and is comfortable to wear.