A Message From Our Founders...

Dear The Light Salon Family,

In these strange and worrying times, it is the people in our lives that matter. Our family, our neighbours, our customers and our employees. Which is why the temporary closure of our physical treatment spaces was so important. But we’ll be back! And with the re-opening of our salons we will be putting new protocols in place to look after the safety of our team and you, our wonderful clients and community.  

Please stay in touch. Follow us @thelightsalon and sign up to our online community. We promise to be ready to open our booking systems the moment it's safe to do so.

Thank you for your support and stay safe.

Love and light, Hannah and Laura xx

Health & Wellbeing Rooms

From the face to the chest to the back, and the bum, our private therapy room exhibits a serene experience where we perform longer, more restorative treatments.

The Kegel Throne

A medically-backed device that strengthens the pelvic floor.

Our Intimate Health and Wellbeing Room houses the Kegel Throne, a medical and scientifically backed device that uses electromagnetic currents to deliver 11,000 super-charged Kegel exercises in just 28 minutes. Crafted to make life more pleasurable in a myriad of ways, the Kegel throne can be enjoyed alongside an uplifting dose of LED light therapy sans removing your clothes. The results? An activated, toned, and more controlled pelvic floor muscle, i.e. better sex and so much more.

Harvey Nichols Only


Re-energise from head to toe, mentally and physically.This nurturing treatment will re-energise the face, body, and mind allowing you to pause, repair, and reset by enveloping the body under Near-Infrared LED light. 

Pressotherapy – The De-puffing Full Body Booster

Lymphatic stimulating, toxin clearing, and water-retention diminishing.