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ExpressLED Rejuvenation Facial
15mins | £35

Boost, hydrate, brighten, plump and glow (Yellow light) 

ExpressLED Acne Treatment
25mins | £40

Anti-bacterial, deep cleansing, corrective (Blue light)



Additional time and fee shown

15mins | £35

Buffs, smoothes, decongests

Mesoesthetic Peel*
10mins | £25

Brightening, rehydrating, correcting

Mindful Manicure (In collaboration with Nails inc.)
15mins | £60

Stress-busting, skin-rejuvenating light therapy +File, shape and polish manicure



Valid for 6 months from purchase date

Pre-Party Boost

3 Consecutive ExpressLED rejuvenation facials (15mins each)

Intense Skin Rejuvenation Programme*

10 x ExpressLED rejuvenation facials over 5 weeks (15mins each)

Rejuvenation Programme

6 x ExpressLED Rejuvenation Facials (15mins each)

Acne Treatment Programme

4 x Acne Rejuvenation Facials (25mins each) + 4 x ExpressLED Rejuvenation Facials (15mins each)

*The Intense Programme can include a mix of Rejuvenation Facials, Acne Treatments and Microdermabrasion


To Take Home

Crystal fibre mask + hyaluronic acid and soluble collagen

Glycolic acid 10% + vitamin E and F ampoule


*Available in Knightsbridge salon only

15% Discount on all treatments for under 20s