Pressotherapy + The Light Salon Signature - From £75 / 40mins

Creating waves of gentle compression, Pressotherapy (also known as Body Ballancer) takes lymphatic massage to the max. By boosting circulation it speeds up the elimination of toxins from the body reducing fluid retention, puffiness and cellulite. Use bi-weekly for optimum results. Those prepping for a big event or holiday can expect to lose visible inches. Gym bunnies will love the way it reduces lactic acid leading to a faster recovery whilst desk workers suffering from tight hips and hamstrings will find they feel less stiff and more supple. It’s also a fantastic way to combat jet lag.

Combined with a Light Salon Signature facial, you’ll leave feeling lighter and brighter with a bounce in your step.

Choose from:

Body Ballancer + double dose of Light £75 / 40mins

Add Body Ballancer to any facial +£40