The Acne Programme - From £95 / 20-30mins

A bespoke treatment plan, think of it as an equivalent of boot camp for mild to moderate acne and scarring. Blue light targets the bacteria that causes breakouts whilst near-infrared reduces inflammation in the blemish and speeds up the healing process. Your individual programme will see you alternating between the lights on different days to ensure optimum results and encourage the skin cells to work harder. At the end of 4 weeks, you’ll enjoy a brighter complexion with a positive change in skin texture and tone. Plus, cell renewal activity and results continue to improve for up to 12 weeks post-treatment.

Choose From:

3 treatment acne programme- £95 / 20-30mins

6 treatment acne programme- £175 / 20-30mins

12 treatment acne programme- £350 / 20-30mins

individual blue or near-infrared signature light - £35 / 20-30mins

Add Body Ballancer to facial (hershesons only) – £40 / 40mins

How often:
A bespoke treatment plan, alternating blue with a near-infrared or red light dependent on skin concerns.
Teenagers receive 15% discount on all single and package prices. Ask in-salon for full terms and conditions.

Need to know:
Our skin experts can advise the best effective and active skincare products to use in conjunction with treatments for even more beneficial and long-lasting results.