The Peel & Heal - From £75 / 35mins

When your skin is misbehaving - we’re talking a sluggish dull complexion, hormonal breakouts, clogged pores, pigmentation or an uneven texture and tone - consider this your rescue remedy. Includes LED light.

We’ve devised unique one-three stage exfoliation treatments, meaning they’re suitable for all skin types from sensitive to acneic.

Stage 1 and/or 2 you’ll experience little to no stinging or flaking, ideal for when you want to squeeze a treatment in on your lunch break.

Stage 3 involves an additional Vitamin A boost that further buffs and polishes the skin over a 12 hour period, ungluing and shedding problematic cells.

Choose From:

The Peel & Heal £75 / 35mins

The Peel & Heal + Vitamin A £105 / 40mins

The Peel & Heal light + Enzyme + Vitamin A £155 / 60mins

Post Care Kit £20

How often:
Monthly or as part of a 6x treatment targeted programme.

Please note:
A Post Treatment Pack must be purchased with your first Peel & Heal.