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Advanced LED Light Treatments

Clinically proven to rejuvenate the skin and deeply relax your mind, The Light Salon’s LED facials support a range of concerns including breakouts, wrinkle reduction and rosacea. Our treatments use precision red 633nm, near-infrared 830nm and blue 415nm wavelengths. We also offer advanced hair treatments to improve scalp health, strengthen your hair and encourage re-growth. Explore our full light therapy treatment menu below.

Under 16s can be treated in salon with parental consent.


Collagen Boost LED Facial 
Our signature treatment, combining clinically proven wavelengths, a lifting massage and LED-enhancing skincare to plump, smooth, and correct the complexion.

Bespoke LED Facial
An LED and skincare protocol tailored to your skin profile, treating a range of concerns including wrinkle reduction, redness, rosacea and pigmentation. 

Teen Bespoke LED Facial
Specifically created for younger skin, this treatment includes a deep cleanse and tailored LED, plus a mask and extraction if required.

Blemish Control LED Facial
A blue light treatment for acne-prone skin that effectively eliminates bacteria, reduces oil production and prevents future breakouts.

Instant Lift Microneedling Facial
We’ve supercharged the collagen-boosting effects of microneedling by combining it with cell-renewing nano-dermabrasion, and anti-inflammatory LED, providing a highly effective route to firmer skin.

Instant Lift Microneedling Eye Treatment
Targeting the delicate skin around the eyes, this treatment combines microneedling, nano-dermabrasion and LED to soothe the skin whilst visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Hair & scalp

Healthy Hair LED Treatment
This groundbreaking treatment applies our clinically proven wavelengths to strengthen the condition of your hair and scalp.

Hair and Scalp Restoration
An advanced treatment combining LED, nano-dermabrasion, and stem-cell microneedling to prolong hair growth, suppress inflammation, and stimulate hair follicle development.

Hairline Restoration
A targeted treatment using LED, nano-dermabrasion, and stem-cell microneedling to stimulate renewal and encourage re-growth on the hairline.


Hydrating Mask
Worn under the lights, our cooling, radiance-enhancing hydrogel mask works on the upper layer of the skin whilst the LED works on a cellular level. 

Refining AHA Peel
A bespoke light peel using lactic and/or salicylic acid to treat skin concerns including dehydration, dullness, blemishes, breakouts and pigmentation. 

Brightening Enzymatic Peel
A combination of fruit enzymes and clay to mattify, brighten and refresh the skin. Suitable for all skin types and customisable for all concerns.

Smoothing Nano-dermabrasion
A gentle but highly effective mechanical exfoliation to actively clean and purify the skin, increasing the renewal of the epidermis through the removal of dead skin cells.

Energising Vitamin A Treatment
A skin-tingling six-hour leave-on treatment using a combination of lactic acid and vitamin A to brighten the skin and target pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

Extended Massage
This deeply relaxing 10-minute massage aids lymphatic drainage, releases tension, sculpts and lifts the complexion.


Fast-track to Radiance
Whether you have an important event on the horizon or are simply impatient for the lasting glow that long-term LED gives, this Collagen Boost Facial package is ideal.

LED Devotee: Face
Secure a series of six Collagen Boost Facials and see the transformation to your skin health and sense of wellbeing. This package comes with a saving of £50.

LED Devotee: Hair & Scalp
Secure a series of six Healthy Hair LED Treatments and reap the cell-renewing benefits for your strands and scalp. This package comes with a saving of £35.

Skin Reset
Alternate three Blemish Control Facials and three Bespoke LED Facials to fully reset and clear the complexion. This package comes with a saving of £50.

Ready to Wed
Achieve plumper, more radiant skin with a series of six Collagen Boost Facials combined with our Brightening Enzymatic Peel, Hydrogel Mask, and extended uplifting massage.