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The Light Salon x ARTAH

Through a shared belief in science-backed rituals that help us to be at our healthiest and most radiant, we partnered with the award-winning supplements brand ARTAH to create three exclusive collections For Skin, For Women and For Sleep.

For Skin

Combining the original Boost LED Face Mask with ARTAH’s award-winning Skin Clinic and Enhanced Synbiotic supplements, this exclusive collection works from within to promote a smooth, healthy and radiant complexion.

(RRP £479 save £94)

For Women

This exclusive collection combines our award-winning Boost LED Body Patch, with ARTAH’s best-selling Metabolic Fix and Essential Omega supplements, to support metabolic health and hormone balance, and leave you feeling radiant.

(RRP £439 save £89)

For Sleep

Transform your sleep on a cellular level. This exclusive collection includes our award-winning Boost LED Body Patch and ARTAH’s powerful botanical sleep aid, Sleep Tonic, for a night of uninterrupted, deep and restorative sleep.

(RRP £407 save £82)