Antimicrobial Mask & Skin Repair Set with ViralOff®

Face masks are now a part of our everyday lives but can harbour germs, create heat, trap bacteria and cause irritation through friction.

Our Antimicrobial Mask is a super lightweight, single layer face covering that is gentle on the skin and applied with ViralOff® antimicrobial technology. 

Combined with our redness relieving and pH balancing Boost Cleanse & Recovery Spray they offer a final step in your new skincare routine, to help tackle pore-clogging bacteria, fight inflammation and maintain your skin health and wellbeing. 

The Set Includes
x2 Antimicrobial Masks: 1 Natural (un-dyed) + 1 Black
x1 Cleanse & Recovery Spray
x1 Re-usable protective cotton pouch

Antimicrobial mask x2
We have focused on delivering a face covering, which balances wellbeing protection with breathability, skin comfort, antimicrobial technology and environmental sustainability. 

Breathable, super soft and light-weight, self-cleaning (antimicrobial), single layer face covering.

Made from Bamboo viscose, known for its anti-inflammatory, hypoallergenic and UV resistant properties to keep skin calm and protect the skin barrier. 
ViralOff® antimicrobial technology helps maintain a cleaner fabric for longer, to prevent cross-contamination and reduce frequent washing. 
ViralOff® is safer and kinder to the skin and doesn’t interfere with the skin’s natural bacterial flora.
Biodegradabe and sustainably sourced. 
Lightweight enough to be layered if you are unable to maintain social distancing.

Cleanse and Recovery Spray
Dermatologically tested cleansing tonic to optimise skin health, balance oil, calm redness and sensitivity, whilst supporting rapid recovery of blemishes and inflammation. 

Suggested Use

How to Use
Mask: Hold the mask with the curved edge at the bottom and simply hook over your ears. Ensure your nose, mouth and chin are covered for maximum protection.
Spray: Morning and evening, post cleanse, and throughout the day, spritz Cleanse & Recovery to prime your skin before putting on your Antimicrobial Mask.

How to Care
For best performance and sustainability, wash less and only when needed, which will result in a product that will live longer.
Hand wash in lukewarm water. Do not use detergent or fabric softener. Dry flat and air dry naturally. Can be ironed on a gentle silk setting (logo free side).

This single-layer face mask does not guarantee immunity against viruses and is not a medical device, but it may help reduce viral transmission and load on the mask. The best way to protect yourself against the spread of viruses is to ensure you maintain social distancing, wash your hands and wear a face mask. Wear a two to three-layer face mask every time you go in public where social distancing is impossible.  
Antimicrobial Mask
Oeko-tex certified, sustainable Bamboo Viscose (GOTS certified). Eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, lightweight fabric, grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or other chemical fertilisers.

ViralOff® Active Ingredient: Biocide - reaction mass of titanium dioxide and silver chloride (non nano-silver).

Cleanse & Recovery (made for TLS by Clinisept+)
Water (Aqua), Phosphoric Acid, Sodium Hypochlorite.

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