We’re lucky enough to call a number of celebrities and influencers fans of our BOOST LED Face Mask. These LED devotees dispel how with consistent use, your skin can glow just like theirs. 
Here, we reveal acne causes and cures, why LED light therapy is an ideal skin remedy, and how acne affects mental health.
The Light Salon is excited to join a curated assortment of beauty brands at Harrods new standalone store concept, H Beauty.
Like all businesses, we are incredibly excited to welcome clients back into our space. We have always taken pride in the high level of personal care that we offer and will adjust our protocols to provide optimal safety and comfort to our customers and therapists. 
Whether you have had an LED treatment before, or are complete new-comer, we have the answers to your questions.

The Light Salon was born out of a desire to make light therapy accessible to everyone. Thats why our salon sessions are convenient and affordable, and why we developed portable, professional devices for you to use at home.

These devices are an investment that pay off in results, and cost less than £1 per use.

We’re gearing up to re-enter the world. Not only by opening our doors (stay tuned for more on that in the coming weeks), but returning to our day-to-day lives outside our homes and upping our skin and self-care rituals. 

With that in mind, before you meet face-to-face with your friends and colleagues, we've compiled the ultimate beauty to-do list. Because even Selfridges beauty editor agrees, the Boost LED Mask is one of her (and ours) top picks for getting ready for the outside world.

Raven Smith, columnist and author on the skincare essential that’s getting him through his time in isolation. Read all about why his must-have minutes of well-lit LED quiet in a sea of questions is keeping him sane.
We believe that skincare should never stop at your neck. Often neglected, the décolletage is one of the first places to show signs of age. And when the sun comes out and summer is in full effect, the neck, deck, and chest, tend to be exposed much more. 
There are many modalities that help to relieve stress. Think exercise, meditation, and a good night’s sleep, among other things. But often overlooked is LED light therapy as an anxiety antidote.
At The Light Salon, we believe in access. Access to all the skin remedies we promote, no matter where you live. And while our 11 physical locations are closed for now, we’ve made it easy for you to treat your skin in the comfort of your own home. Here, we dispel the wellbeing benefits of LED so you can practice a healthy skin regimen on the regular.