Why Choose The Light Salon Over Other LED Brands?

Words // Mary-Jane Wiltsher

The worlds of skincare and LED technology can be noisy ones, full of niche terminology and overwhelming levels of choice. As LED experts, we want to cut through the hubbub and explain what we offer in a. clear and accessible way.

Whether you’re new to the world of LED and shopping for your first device, or an LED convert who’s looking for more clarification on the technology behind our products, here’s a speedy breakdown of what sets us apart from the rest.


Why choose The Light Salon?

We’re backed by experience

We’ve used our 15 years of professional expertise and personal use of LED light therapy to create an in-salon and at-home offer devoted to its clinically-proven powers. 

While other brands offer LED as part of a wider product range or treatment offer, for us, LED is at the heart of everything we do. Our mission is to deliver a reputable, convenient salon-grade treatment both professionally and at-home.

Before launching The Light Salon, co-founders Laura Ferguson and Hannah Measures found that it was virtually impossible to access advanced LED technology outside of a premium spa or clinic. They wanted to offer targeted LED treatments that were accessible enough for regular use, without compromising on the advanced technology or experience. 

We’re convenient & accessible

“Having previously worked in a private members’ spa, it was important to me that we created an inclusive, not exclusive offer, says Laura.

“We wanted a salon concept that took all the best bits from an advanced facial but was delivered with convenience, away from a treatment room and bed. Clients sat in a comfortable armchair, in a relaxed and sociable environment. We wanted to brighten someone’s day and put a spring in their step. From launch, our treatments were described as affordable luxury, and daily we watched clients leave us smiling.”

We combine passion and innovation

Hannah says: “Before launching The Light Salon, I was working hard for my advertising clients, and constantly thinking of ideas for others. I felt it was time to do something for me. I’d become obsessed with my LED facials, kindly gifted to me by Laura in the build-up to my wedding. Meanwhile, Laura had moved to Australia and seen how accessible LED was there. She suggested we do the same for the UK. There wasn’t a convenient LED facial offer like there is for hair, brows and nails, so we developed a facial offer for department stores, launching first in Harvey Nichols.”


Why choose The Light Salon’s Boost LED devices?

They’re created for the client

Our salon clients loved our LED treatments so much that they asked for something to use at home between treatments.At the time,there was nothing available that was comparable to our salon offering, so we pioneered the development of the Boost LED Mask with leaders in phototherapy – and our Body Patch, Bib and Collar followed suit.

They bring salon technology home

Made to medical device directives, our devices deliver the same clinically-proven wavelengths as our prestigious professional salon machines. Red 633nm and near-infrared 830nm are the most clinically-proven wavelengths for skin health and rejuvenation, with 830nm achieving the quickest results and client satisfaction.

Laura says:Our customers were asking for recommendations on what at-home LED devices they could use in between visits. When we researched the market, we realised there were very few good quality options which delivered both clinically proven and accurate wavelengths – which in turn encouraged us to launch our own.”

Hannah elaborates: “Our client-base wanted to use something in between treatments to maintain their glow. We wanted to be 100% sure we were giving them access to the same quality, and same clinically-proven wavelengths, as they were experiencing with us in-salon.”

They’re multi-award winning

We’re proud to announce that our newest device, the Boost LED Body Patch, received a Marie Claire UK Skin Award for Best Skin Innovation. Delivering the same combination of Red 633nm and Near-Infrared 830nm wavelengths as our Boost Mask, the Patch brings the transformative skincare and wellbeing benefits of LED to the whole body. It’s described by judge Dr Kemi Fabusiwa as “a great at-home solution to LED light therapy.”

Meanwhile, our cult Boost LED Mask scooped the Marie Claire UK Skin Award for Best Skincare Device. The beauty goliath called the Boost Mask, “the clear winner in this category; portable, light to carry, and works with speed in just 10 minutes. In terms of results, it promises to plump, hydrate, calm the skin, and encourage relaxation, while also reducing the appearance of wrinkles, improving hydration, and evening skin tone – and our judges can confirm its brilliance.”

Other awards won by the Boost LED Mask included Best Beauty Gadget in Selfridges 2020 Beauty Awards, and Best Anti-Ageing Innovations in the Woman and Home 2021 Beauty Awards.

They’re loved by A-listers

Giving a salon-grade LED treatment in the comfort of home, our devices are loved by a large number of celebrity skincare fanatics including the likes of Victoria Beckham, Trinny Woodall, Melanie Grant, Poppy Delevingne and many more.

What’s next for The Light Salon? 

As the light therapy industry evolves and its customer base grows, our future-focused team are excited to innovate while keeping the client front and centre.

As Laura says:LED is more than a skincare treatment – its powers of healing, circulatory, and hormone support are equally as impressive. We have always wanted to be a family brand, as the benefits can be utilised for many different skin, health, and wellbeing indications, across all ages. We’d like to build on our LED-family-care offering, through the introduction of new, but clinically proven, wavelengths.”

Hannah adds: “You can expect more targeted LED innovation, though we also want to further establish our existing range. We always set out to be trusted and timeless, not a fad. We want to be the brand that really educates and advises on what LED can do for you, your skin and your wellbeing. We are so much more than a skincare brand, we offer tools to support you from head to toe. If we can continue making people feel good about themselves, with both our products and our own experience, we’ll continue being really happy friends in business.”