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Supporting 'Jeck' and Tech-neck skincare with LED and mask treatments at-home

'Jeck' (jaw and neck) masks are on the rise due to the increased strain that tech devices are putting on our neck and chest skin areas these days. 

As a result, WGSN‘s Beauty Director Jenni Middleton says she expects to see a growing number of beauty consumers investing in at-home masks and treatments focused on the delicate jaw and neck area. And she called out our very own decolletage mask as an effective way to tackle this issue.

What causes Tech Neck lines, Wrinkles or Sagging?

Extended periods looking down at mobile screens, texting or messaging, not only causes strain on muscles at the back of the head and neck but this posture results in creases or even double chins to form.

“Driven by increased time spent chin-down on devices and constantly seeing our faces on screen, dermatologists and aesthetic surgeons are reporting an increased demand for jaw and neck ‘tweakments’ to tackle sagging jawlines and crepey necks,” says Middleton.

“In 2021, this will spill into home-use alternatives with beauty consumers seeking products and devices that deliver salon-grade results. Hydrating sheet masks such as 111Skin’s Celestial Black Diamond will extend beyond the face to treat the neck and décolletage. At the same time, area-specific masks such as The Light Salon’s Hydrogel Décolletage Mask and under-chin sling masks that ‘firm and lift’ double chins will also increase in popularity.” 

Our Hydrogel Décolletage Mask can be used in combination with the Boost LED Bib to hydrate, lift and smooth the delicate jaw and neck and to help tackle the strain of tech devices and screen-time. 


           Boost Hydrogel Décolletage Mask


For a limited time only, the Boost LED Bib is available for £395 and comes with 4 complimentary hydrogels and a personalised Virtual Skin Consultation on how best to treat the area. 


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