Learn how to build an effective skincare routine for different skin tones, skin types, & ages, from teenagers onwards.
The worlds of skincare and LED technology can be noisy ones, full of niche terminology and overwhelming levels of choice. As LED experts, we want to cut through the hubbub and explain what we offer in a clear and accessible way.
Much has been written about the menopause, but less so about the impact it can have on our skin.

Find out why you should change your skincare routine in Autumn. The Autumn season has an effect on your skin so learn how to fight back for your skin.

If you’re new to the world of LED light therapy, you may have some questions about LED light therapy color meanings. LED lights used in therapy come in different colours, which all mean different things. 

For years, many women have lived with little to no awareness of pelvic health – but happily, that’s all changing. Today, rising numbers of women are seeking to strengthen their pelvic muscles with the help of kegel exercises and treatments like the Emsella ‘Kegel Throne’.

You’ll likely have heard of microneedling, the minimally invasive treatment hailed by dermatologists. The procedure gets down into the epidermis via microscopic punctures, boosting collagen to create smoother, firmer and more even-toned skin.
With the beauty industry focused heavily on teenage and mature skin, skincare routines for 20's skin often get neglected. In reality, this age group has its share of skin struggles, from adult acne to dehydrated skin caused by late nights. Stress, hormones, lifestyle and skincare habits are some of the culprits.
Are you wondering whether you can really afford to pay a little bit extra for a treatment at a salon are spa? Do you really know if salon treatments are worth it?

Let’s find out!
To help combat your teen’s complexion woes, we believe in a simple skincare regimen that includes a few necessary products with gentle ingredients and specific skincare tools that helps remedy skin. 
The portable, hands-free device can be applied daily on localised areas of pain, which can include your lower abdomen, back and thighs.
We’ve outlined the perfect pre-wedding regimen, including five at home skin care tips to make sure you look and feel your best (whether you’re the bride or not) on the big day.