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What are the benefits of light therapy for women?

Throughout our lives, our bodies and hormones undergo constant changes, meaning our approach to skincare, health and wellbeing has to shift too. And, while it’s hard to know which lifestyle tweaks will work best for us, our founders Laura and Hannah have seen light therapy remain a constant in their lives for over 15 years. This is because LED supports cellular health, and your body processes the light according to its individual needs on any given day.




Here, we’ll walk you through the many ways light therapy can support your body’s ever-changing needs, and share words from women in The Light Salon community who’ve experienced its positive effects.


  • Changing hormone levels around your period can cause blemishes to appear, particularly on the chin and jawline. Choosing the right skincare products really helps, as does a daily dose of light therapy. Using one of our at-home devices, such as the Boost LED Face Mask, supports hormonal skin by delivering red 633nm and near-infrared 830nm wavelengths, which penetrate deeply to regenerate cells, promote healing, and soothe inflammation. If you’ve struggled with blemishes for a while, you may have skin pigmentation and scarring – LED works to reduce this as well, giving you a more uniform skin tone. 

    In our salons, you can experience the powerful effects of blue 415nm light. Best delivered in a professional setting, blue light destroys acne bacteria, leading to a reduction in blemishes. It also regulates oil production and, when combined with red 633nm and near-infrared 830nm treatments, increases blood circulation, so your skin is balanced and full of nutrients, while toxins are eliminated. 

    “I was suffering from hormonal breakouts due to a diagnosis of PCOS, working in the skincare industry, and having to deal with constant and often painful breakouts was knocking my confidence at work. I had been trying to find a solution that I could afford regularly but that also felt gentle and avoided anything harsh, or the need to take medication (which I had previously tried). I found that, by incorporating regular LED facials into my routine, I was improving my skin overall, not just the breakouts but also the pigmentation they left behind.” – Pip.


  • Period pain is caused by an excess of the compounds released from the uterine lining as it prepares to be shed. At The Light Salon, we’re big fans of a magnesium supplement as a preventative measure for menstrual pain over the long term. But while you’re in the midst of it all, and in need of soothing relief, our Boost LED Body Patch can be applied wherever you’re feeling pain the most. The Patch delivers clinically proven wavelengths, which provide temporary relief of pain by increasing your body's blood circulation and the release of nitric oxide in the uterus, which allows the muscle to relax, boosting the flow of oxygen and nutrition into the area. Pop the Patch on your belly, back or thighs and you’ll also feel a comforting warmth to promote relaxation.

    “I’ve suffered from debilitating period pains since I was 11 years old and this year they’re worse than ever. The warmth and comfort of the Patch seems to calm down the cramping. I don’t know if it’s in my mind or is actually happening but those intense cramps are less when the light is on my stomach.” – Sari.

  • After pregnancy and giving birth, your body needs time to heal and recover. And what that means to you is completely unique depending on your body and circumstances. But one thing’s for sure – small steps we can take to increase our comfort and confidence go a long way as we navigate life with a newborn. 

    First up, your skin. Sleep deprivation and hormonal changes can cause your complexion to become tired and unbalanced. Pausing for 10 minutes to treat your skin with our Boost LED Face Mask will help to regenerate and rebalance it, as well as providing much-needed rest. Likewise, light therapy is an effective treatment for stretch marks, reducing, softening and flattening their appearance over time.

    Lower back pain is also common due to repetitive movements associated with caring for a newborn. You can use light therapy for back pain and any other aches as your body recovers, with the Body Patch, which is clinically proven to soothe joint and muscle pain.

    “As a busy mum, the time the Boost gives me at night to restore my mental health is something quite unexpected – I put on Sarah blondin on Insight Timer, do a meditation and feel like I'm getting a two-for-one – nourishing my skin and my mind!” – Shona.


  • Perhaps the most unpredictable of all these bodily changes is the menopause, when oestrogen levels start to decline. From hot flashes, night sweats and trouble sleeping, to heart palpitations, anxiety and depression, the symptoms you may experience during this phase of life seriously affect the mind and body. If ever there’s a time to take care of yourself, it’s now, through healthy eating, regular exercise and mindful activities such as yoga and meditation.

    From a skincare point of view, when oestrogen in the body decreases, so does the production of collagen, a skin-plumping protein. Lower collagen production means skin loses its tightness and volume, increasing the chances of sagging. Declining levels of oestrogen can also cause dehydrated, dry and flaky skin which can become itchy, so you may benefit from gentle exfoliation and a richer moisturiser. Hormonal fluctuations can also lead to blemishes, and age spots can appear at this time as well, making it more essential to use sunscreen daily as a preventative measure against pigmentation. 

    For all of these concerns, LED therapy has a role to play. It stimulates the skin’s production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, which are crucial ingredients for maintaining plump, smooth, supple and hydrated skin. What’s more, from a wellbeing perspective, taking the time to treat yourself to 10 minutes of light a day using our Boost LED Face Mask will also serve to lower your cortisol and increase melatonin levels, helping you to find calm and encouraging better sleep. 

    “I’m in my late forties and I love the plumping effects from collagen stimulation. I swear by it! The treatments and Boost really boost my confidence when facing my clients in person and on social media. I honestly don’t think I could live without it!” – Florrie.


  • As we enter the postmenopausal phase, many of those hormone-driven concerns begin to ease, and we can focus our attention towards lifestyle habits that support a healthy and energised mind and body. Changes you may notice to your skin include glycation –those criss-cross lines on the face– and dehydration, both of which will benefit from a little extra love in the form of hyaluronic acid. As the skin thins, bruises form more easily too, meaning it’s a good idea to stimulate collagen and speed up the healing process. It’s also common for circulation to become sluggish at this time of our lives, affecting everything from energy levels and immunity to skin vitality. Introducing (or reintroducing) LED into our daily ritual will re-charge our body at a cellular level, supporting every one of these concerns.

    Hair loss is another disconcerting fact of many women’s lives at this time, and it’s due to the depletion of hormones. Backed by a strong base of clinical research, red light therapy for hair loss increases hair density and thickness, so a programme of regenerating scalp treatments is well worth considering. This combines microneedling (controlled damage to the skin which stimulates the wound healing process and blood circulation) with growth factors (a product made up of specific proteins to rebuild and restructure existing follicles) and near-infrared 830nm light, which further enhances the healing process and circulation, and therefore enhances results. 

    As we age, sleeplessness is also a common issue. And, although it seems counter-intuitive, we also prescribe light therapy for sleep – red light, in particular, which triggers melatonin production, the hormone that makes you drowsy and regulates your circadian rhythm. You can access this from the comfort of your own bed with any of our at-home LED devices.

    “I often struggle with sleep and will use the Mask if I wake up in the middle of the night.  While the red lights are bright, they also have a calming effect and can put you back to sleep. I like the way it fits snuggly on your neck and it is so easy to bend that it doesn’t matter if you’re on your back or your side.” – Katie.

    In reaching out to our community of women spanning all age groups, we’ve come to think of LED as a loyal friend that enhances every part of your being, and supports your body’s journey through life. It’s certainly true for our current devotees, and we hope it’ll be the case for you too.

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