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LED for hair: everything you need to know

Just as LED can bring dull skin to life and give you back your glow, it can also re-invigorate lacklustre hair and restore a healthy shine. Find out more about the benefits of using your Boost device on your hair, and the salon treatments that will keep it looking its best.

The hair growth cycle
There are four phases in the hair growth cycle. The first is anagen, the growth phase, when the hair bulb is active and the blood supply is strong. About 90% of your hair follicles are in the anagen phase and can stay that way for two to eight years. The second is catagen, the regression phase, when the blood supply becomes detached from the follicle. The third is telogen, the resting phase, when hair no longer grows. The fourth is exogen, the shedding phase, when the hair falls out.

How to maintain healthy growth
To achieve fuller, healthier hair, and to minimise loss, our goal is to maintain the anagen growth phase and a healthy hair cycle by creating the best possible conditions on your scalp. LED therapy is one of the ways we can do this.

LED as a tool for hair vitality
The precision red 633nm and near-infrared 830nm LED wavelengths used in our salons and devices increase the blood flow in your scalp. This stimulates your hair follicles and improves their metabolism, encouraging re-growth and minimising hair loss. For those with healthy hair cycles, each time a hair is shed, the follicle is already producing a new one to take its place. LED supports this renewal and strengthens the quality of hair in the growth phase. What’s more, light therapy is proven to relieve stress, a common trigger for thinning hair, so you can think of LED as working double time for the benefit of your hair health.

To strengthen your hair and support healthy re-growth, try using your Boost LED Body Patch or Boost LED Collar three to five times each week on the hairline and scalp. This can also be used in combination with the Calecim Advanced Hair System, an at-home hair-needling treatment with growth factors.

Salon hair treatments
In salons, our Healthy Hair treatment can be booked to maintain healthy, shiny hair as often as you would book a Collagen Boost Facial to maintain healthy, glowing skin. Hair & Scalp Renewal and Restoration treatments can be booked periodically for those wishing to do more, with nano-dermabrasion, massage and microneedling used in combination with LED to revive hair and to expertly target hair thinning. If you’d like to speak to a therapist for more details, please book a consultation.

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