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How we are re-opening our Salon spaces

Like all businesses, we are incredibly excited to welcome clients back into our space. We have always taken pride in the high level of personal care that we offer and will adjust our protocols to provide optimal safety and comfort to our customers and therapists. All sites will observe extensive precautions, in accordance with guidelines provided by the UK Government to ensure we are delivering exceptional treatments, with an even more heightened focus on hygiene and safety.

Hopefully the following information answers any questions you may have, but if not, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

1. How will devices, goggles, chairs and machines be cleaned, and how often?

We will be using disposable consumables and tools, which includes eye shields, hair bands, mask brush, peel applicator and so on. These will be prepared into separate sterile packs prior to appointments, and our clients will be able to take any items home if they feel they will use them again. Chairs will be fully covered with couch roll prior to every client arriving.
LED devices will be vigorously cleaned with high performance, hospital grade, sanitiser wipes before and after every treatment, so a double clean will take place between each client. The same process will be put in place for our Pressotherapy trousers and micro-needling device. The micro- needling device is also covered with medical grade tape and a plastic shield.

2. What measures are in place for therapists?

In terms of PPE, our therapists will wear The Light Salon light-weight, double-layer hybrid masks – these will be dipped in virus-reducing technology that stops 99% of viral activity within 2 hours. These can be reused, rewashed and recycled, and offer protection to both our therapists and clients. We’re thrilled to have sourced them! Therapists will also wear gloves and a clear full- face visor, which will be wiped with disinfectant between each client. In addition, we will take therapists temperature daily.

Therapists are naturally trained to wash their hands before, after and during each treatment. However, even more attention will be placed on this. They will wash their hands when they arrive, and every time they leave and return to their workstation/room. They will also wash their hands prior to applying gloves when treating a client.

3. What measures are in place for clients?

Clients will wash their hands-on arrival, and we will follow with a thorough spray of our anti-microbial, anti-virucidal Cleanse & Recovery spray, which can also offer comfort to the skin, from over-washing. We won’t provide masks or gloves for clients as we will be treating their face, but we will take their temperature on arrival. We will retail our virus-reducing, cotton masks and are hoping to have gloves too, which we believe will be particularly useful on public transport.

4. Will treatments change at all? For example, how will therapists apply cleanser and hydrogel masks?

We are able to deliver our Signature face & body treatments hands-free, and adapt 80% of our menu minimal touch. The client can decide this at the beginning of the appointment, as we want each person to feel as relaxed and reassured as possible. We will adapt the level of touch according to what the client prefers. If a client wishes for us to cleanse their face or apply a Hydrogel mask, there will be no change to our protocol. Our therapists can show and demonstrate the Boost, but at present we won’t be offering demo treatments with the device as we previously did.

5. If a client wants to have a hands-free treatment, what will that look like? 

• If the client has opted to cleanse their own skin, the therapist will dispense the correct amount of Protect + Cleaning Milk into the hand of the client for their cleansing routine 

• The therapist will guide the client with a cleansing routine and skin prep process, as they hold a handheld mirror for the client, and the client removes with dampened cotton pads.

• The client will wipe over their full face with dampened gauze, and spritz their face thoroughly with our Cleanse & Recovery, or spray onto a cotton pad and wipe across their face – allowing 15 seconds for anti-bacterial, anti-viral protection 

• The client then presses the remaining Cleanse & Recovery into the skin 

• Complementary Hydrogel Mask – the therapist will guide the client to apply this 

• Cover eyes with disposable eye shields – therapist will apply 

• The therapist will then position the LED device and leave the client to relax 

• When the treatment is finished, the therapist will remove the device and eye shields 

• Two drops of Perfecting Oil with 2x pumps of Protect + Face Lotion will be dispensed into the client’s hand, and they will apply to their face 

• Finally, the client will apply the Mineral Defence SPF to their skin 

6. Will people have to come in with their make-up on or off?

The Light Salon treatments can be tailored according to the requirements and comfort of the customer. Each client will have the choice to come into the salon with their make-up off, cleanse their own face, or have us complete a cleanse. Clients will complete their consultation form online, prior to their appointment. They’ll be given the opportunity to have a video or telephone consultation.

7. Will the treatment menus be limited?

We have prepared protocols to ensure we can deliver our full menu to the highest hygiene, sanitisation and protection guidelines. 

8. Is there any change in payments, walk-ins and opening hours?

Until further notice, we will only be accepting cashless transactions. We won’t be offering walk-ins when we first reopen, but clients have the flexibility to book right up to their requested time. We would like to offer walk-ins again as soon as we’re ready to and will inform clients on our website when this is available. Normal opening hours will apply at Hershesons, from 8am-8pm and Harvey Nichols will be open from 11am-7pm Monday to Saturday, 11.30am-6pm Sunday.

9. Is there a better time to book in for a treatment, that might not be as popular?

Mornings generally have more open appointments, compared to lunchtime or late evening/closing time. It’s also worth calling a salon first thing in the morning for last minute cancellation slots. 

10. Will the pricing change?

We haven’t put our treatment prices up for almost 5 years, and we will be increasing pricing across the board by £10. However, in the first month, we will offer a complimentary Hydrogel Mask in place of a massage. 




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