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Fans of The Light Salon - Bobbi Brown and Alessandra Steinherr

We’re lucky enough to call a number of celebrities and influencers fans of our BOOST LED Face Mask. These LED devotees dispel how with consistent use, your skin can glow just like theirs. 

Bobbi Brown is a skincare loyalist. Her routine was revealed in Vogue and Grazia where she cited that our BOOST LED Mask is an important part of her Sunday skincare ritual as she finds that with consistency, it really works. 

Alessandra Steinherr is a fan too, and with regular use notices increased luminosity, more even texture, less redness and reduced puffiness. 

Alessandra Steinherr, Beauty Expert

But why are Bobbi and Alessandra LED enthusiasts? Because they’ve seen results firsthand. 

That said, regular at-home sessions are key when using the BOOST. Post-cleanse, on clean skin, apply your mask. We recommend a minimum of three to five days a week for 10 minutes to plump, brighten, lift the complexion, treat uneven skin tone and texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduce inflammation, and hydrate the complexion. Then follow up with your serum and moisturiser to further treat your complexion. 





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