A dry, itchy complexion can not only wreak havoc on your skin physically, but mentally, too, since both women and men with chronic skin conditions tend to experience anxiety and low mood. One of our favourite treatments to remedy irritated, itchy, and red complexions includes LED light therapy, which comes with strengthening the skin barrier and correcting vulnerability.  
We believe your skin reflects the health of your body and vice versa. So how does that manifest? A glowing complexion. So if you want to know how to get glowing skin, you need to start from within. 

From the foods you eat to the skincare products and tools you use, there are so many factors when it comes to maintaining luminous skin. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up eight tips to shed some light on how to achieve a radiant facade. 
Whether you have already had an LED treatment and bought a device, or are completely new to LED Light Therapy and are wondering how and why to use it, we are here to guide you. Here we answer your most common questions about LED.
As we celebrate two years of Boost technology, we’re excited to reveal the expansion of our LED devices and additional skincare essentials to support and enhance the benefits of our products. 
There are many common antidotes to remedy sleep, but a favourite go-to of ours is red LED light therapy for a restful and quality slumber

'Jeck' (jaw and neck) masks are on the rise due to the increased strain that tech devices are putting on our necks these days. Our LED Bib and Boost Hydrogel Décolletage Mask can help.

We’ve included the many benefits of our Antimicrobial Mask, which we like to say safeguards your skin and your investment in your skincare routine.
Can you use LED for wrinkle reduction? Of course. It’s one of the main reasons we love it and believe in the valuable LED light therapy benefits. So it’s no wonder, Kathleen Baird-Murray, contributing beauty editor at Vogue, is a huge fan, specifically of the Light Salon’s Décolletage Bib.
As we move into colder temperatures, SAD, seasonal affective disorder, can alter our emotional wellbeing. We’ve studied the influence of this all too common stressor and have found excellent remedies. But our favourite? LED light therapy. 
While it's, of course, a beneficial modality, LED is also one of the most convenient skincare routines for men.
Here, we breakdown the plethora of perks LED delivers for men. 
Wrinkles are inevitable. But we have the answer to diminishing and softening fine lines: LED light therapy. Red 633nm Light and Near-Infrared 830nm Light, both of which are in our Boost LED Face Mask and Boost LED Décolletage Bib, support the aging process. And with just 10 to 20 minutes under the light, 3 to 5 times a week, you can expect wrinkle reduction.
Our Antimicrobial Mask is the final step in your skincare routine. While it doesn’t guarantee immunity against viruses and is not a medical device, it helps reduce viral transmission and delivers breathability, skin comfort, antimicrobial technology, and environmental sustainability.