The Light Salon delivers supercharged ExpressLED facials that give you
naturally radiant skin.

We turn back the clock on skin in just 11 minutes.

We're delighted to announce The Light Salon is now available at
Cowshed Selfridges.


You can now experience the benefits of LED light in just 11 minutes while having a
Cowshed manicure or pedicure, or simply enjoy on its own.

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+44 (0) 203 728 0000


It’s our mission to deliver the very best LED light treatment to everybody, everywhere, in just 11 minutes.

We believe that radiant skin should be achievable for everybody, not just a select few. So, we've based ourselves in an open salon, which means we can deliver you the most effective LED light treatment in the world, at an accessible price.

We're the only skin rejuvenation or light bar in the country to use the latest in LED technology, which naturally boosts the skin's collagen production, correcting and healing as it goes.

And with proven stress-reduction and mood-lifting effects, a trip to The Light Salon is a luxurious hit of me-time in your busy schedule. It's the ultimate boost to your skin's natural radiance, and just the thing for targeting problem areas.

Look good, feel good, in just 11 minutes. Perfect.


The Harvey Nichols Beauty Room Salon

Our exclusive ExpressLED Skin Rejuvenation Bar

The Light Salon, Harvey Nichols Beauty Room
The Light Salon, Harvey Nichols Beauty Room
The Light Salon, Harvey Nichols Beauty Room

"With no downtime and immediate results, light therapy is fast becoming a popular alternative to traditional facials."

Vogue, Lauren Murdoch-Smith


"Step into the chic seclusion of The Light Salon in Harvey Nichols, sink into a lounge chair and simply bask under a lamp of soothingly warm near-infra-red light (the opposite of damaging UV). The results within just one treatment were impressive; my skin immediately looked decidedly more even and radiant."

Grazia, Sophie Qureshi


"15 minutes in this @thelightsalon chair delivers glowy, juicy fresh skin. I love LED light therapy - it’s the non-invasive route to a younger looking face."

Glamour, Alex Steinherr


"The Light Salon in Harvey Nichols, is a genius idea, offering a 15-minute lifting facial giving skin a glow that will last for two to three days. I’ll definitely be back for more - it’s one of the most efficient uses of time I’ve come across in ages."

Financial Times, Kathleen Baird-Murray